Barter Lessons!


Arya and Jaime were hanging around in a park..they were roaming around in the park, chattering away, discussing about everything under the sun

Arya: Dude, what kind of sport do you like?

Jaime: Umm..I’ve never been a sporty kind of a person..always loved dancing though.

Arya: Okay, but you must have played something when you were a kid.

Jaime: Ahh, no..never been really into sports..always a dancer.

Arya: Okay..I have never been interested in dancing. It’s like I have two left feet.

Jaime: Hahahaha..oh my god you seriously do? That’s so cute. Anyway, if you want, I can teach you how to dance..I mean not bragging but I’m quite good at it.

Arya: Umm..I don’t wanna break my leg..I will surely either hurt myself of atleast someone in the dancing hall if I decide to get my groove on..and yes, you did brag!

Jaime: Hey! Hey! Don’t be so hostile on yourself..I’m sure you’re better than you think you are..come on let me teach you how to dance..we will start with Jazz..okay?

Arya: Alright, alright..if it means that much to you, I will.

Jaime: Yayiee! Okay.. tomorrow morning 7 a.m come to the studio near the church..okay?

Arya: Ugh! 7 a.m..isn’t that like midnight?

Jaime: No bro, it’s early morning and all bright and would surely like it. Be there on excuses.

Arya: Okay, okay! Chill Mr Punctual.. I will be there! My mom would probably think that I saw a ghost that is why I am up so early..she will be shocked to see me in the morning.

(Next morning Arya and Jaime meet at the dance studio at 7.30 a.m)

Jaime: You’re late Arya..anyway.. let’s start with the workout first.

Arya: Workout? What? I thought we were dancing.

Jaime: Yes we are..but we need to warm up your body first..we will do half an hour workout and then dance for another half an hour.. okay?

Arya: Damn! Okay.

(After the workout)

Arya: I should’ve taken you seriously,bro..I mean you are so flexible and you have so much of strength..I feel like a hundred years old right knees are killing me..and there’s still the dance session to go(sweats like a pig)

Jaime: Haha thanks for the acknowledgement, bro.. dancing or not..try to workout and move your body daily in order to keep yourself healthy and well, in your case..of age! (laughing hysterically) Anyway, let’s start with the basics of dancing.

(After the dancing session)

Arya: Okay, this was not as bad as I thought .I think I am a decent dancer.. isn’t it?
Jaime(in a fix) : Sure..if you say so! Anyway, I’ll train you good..Arya! You’re in good hands and under awesome training..I promise.

Arya: Can I do something in return, please? I insist. I want to share my talent too!

Jaime: Umm..yes you can! You have that friend of yours..Dany..I saw him using a penny board in the park the other day.. I need a way to transport myself (on a budget) and I couldn’t think of a better way other than penny board..can you reach out to him and get a guide on how to ride a penny board? I will read it and learn how to ride one.

Arya: Why to read, dude? I know how to ride a penny board..and not to brag, I am quite proficient at it..I could teach you.

Jaime: Oh yayie! This is so exciting..and you did brag! But I hope I’m not wasting your time.

Arya: No way darling.. you’re on..we will meet tomorrow in the skate park..6 p.m. sharp.. don’t be late..I hate late comers(sarcastically)

Jaime: Aye, aye Captain! Will be there..see ya for now..bye!

Arya: Bye, Bye!

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