Omaze Got Fantastic Reviews!


Being a food critic was what I wanted to be since I was a child, I understood food and could quickly judge spices in any kind of food very easily. I enjoyed cooking complex food and enjoyed reviewing the food my family cooked. Probably, I got this trait from my nana who is an excellent cook. I have seen her cook for years and never have I ever seen her measure things to cook a perfect meal, whatever she cooked was way up to the mark, I mean not a spoon more, not a spoon less. Since I was a child, I used to look at her, cooking with so much of passion and love, in fact, I could feel her love through her cooking. My grandma cooked the best pasta ever, I mean I have never had a pasta as good as hers and probably never will. Although I lost her last year(she was quite old), I still remember how she used to hug me whenever I fetched stuff for her, how she used to have a smile whenever she cooked, especially for my pop(my grandpa).

So, when I grew up I thought of changing my passion into profession, I trained to become a chef and because of all the practice with nana, I got placed as a chef at a very posh hotel, which I was proud of and side by side, I also became a food critic. I used to review food of several restaurants, some were good and some, were awful, soon I was a dreaded critic as I was pretty blunt and straightforward with my reviews. During the day, I am a chef and at night time, a food critic. My plan is to go to the restaurants unannounced and in disguise, I used to order food that was recommended by the hotel staff and eat it. Just like Gordon Ramsay, I took upon myself to improve the quality of the food if I found something faulty and also, appreciated and admired the food that I actually liked.

Eventually after being a food critic for seven years, my review was the most awaited one. My columns about chefs and food were highly popular and as people say, dependable. But there is a certain review that I have been awaiting since long, that is, Omaze reviews. Let me explain you from the start, while exploring the internet, I came across this organisation named Omaze, which provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to either win free gifts or meet a certain celebrity. I was so excited to read it, also, it was for a good cause, the money that I will spend will go towards a charity and help the needy ones. But, unfortunately my wife made me realize that it might not be legit, as it was too good to be true.

I agreed with her, but was constantly searching for a review, how ironic, isn’t it? The funny thing is that a colleague, for whom I wrote a really bad review, told me that Omaze is absolutely legit. He personally experienced the process and said it was transparent and in fact, indulging. I got so relieved and participated in the process, I am now satisfied and happy that I am contributing for the betterment of the society in a way.

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