How To Fix Slow Internet Connection

There are pros and cons to a slow internet connection. While it may sometimes give you an excuse to go outside and get some fresh air, at other times it may just hamper your productivity. Here are some quick tricks that might just fix your slow internet connection.

  1. Check your internet speed

Test the speed of your internet connection on Run a speed test and check if the speed of your internet connection matches the speed promised by your service provider. If the speed matches the numbers mentioned in the plan, you are paying for a slow connection. The solution here would be to switch to a different plan that gives you high speed. If the speed doesn’t match up, you can try other options.

  1. Troubleshoot your system

Reset your router and modem and see if it makes a difference. Check the speed of the internet on other computers and devices in your house. This will help you understand if the problem is just with your computer or other devices too. If you find the problem with your computer, you can follow a few troubleshooting steps to clearly understand if it is a hardware problem.

  1. Get rid of bandwidth-hoggers

A shared WiFi connection sometimes brings down the internet speed. When you are on a shared WiFi network, it is really difficult to determine who is using your WiFi and how much they are using. The most initial step is to talk to other internet users in the place about the matter. If that doesn’t work, you can try other options.

Use Wifi killer tools like Wifikill for Android or Netcut for PC. These tools give you full control of your WiFi network. You can see all the devices connected to the network and decide to kick them off the network when you find that they use the bandwidth excessively. This is definitely one of the most unethical yet effective ways to deal with the bandwidth hoggers in your network. Netcut for PC is one of the best online tools for this purpose.

  1. Check your WiFi signal

Very often your internet connection remains fine, but still, you face slow internet speed issues. Chances are you have a weak WiFi signal. A weak WiFi connection is often misunderstood for an internet connection problem. There are various reasons for a weak WiFi signal. One of the best ways to boost your WiFi signal is to set your router out in the open and make sure that there are no obstructions in between.

  1. Call Your Internet Service Provider

In case you have followed all the necessary troubleshooting steps and still face a slow connection, you simply need to call your internet service provider and check if the problem is on their end. If everything goes well, you will get back your internet speed. If not, you better change your service provider.

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How To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur


The journey of entrepreneurship is never an easy one. There are bumps and obstacles on the way that can set you back. However, there are methods that can lift up your spirits and keep you motivated as an entrepreneur. Here are some of the methods that you can start using:

  1. Set goals and remember them

An entrepreneur has some specific goals in mind. There are things that drive him to move ahead on his journey. There are objectives to achieve and there are principles that need to be followed. The problem, however, is that you, as an entrepreneur, may get distracted and eventually forget your goals along the way. This makes it really important to note down your goals and keep them in your sight.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Staying fit physically as well as mentally is crucial for your entrepreneurial goals. There may be times when you get stressed out. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you are most likely get yourself out of that situation quickly.

  1. Indulge in motivational activities

Focusing on work the entire day can be tiresome. You need to indulge yourself in other activities which can drive your motivation and push you towards entrepreneurial success. Use your leisure time to read some motivational entrepreneurial quotes, watch inspirational documentaries and movies and listen to uplifting music. For motivational entrepreneurial quotes, the website right here is perfect.

  1. Plan your morning routine

To make your day most productive, you need to get a good jumpstart for the day. Having a well planned morning routine can help you in getting a lot done. Create your routine keeping the goals for the day in mind. Do the essential things in the morning that help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Activities like yoga and meditation can be a good option to include in your morning ritual. You can also go for some jogging or other physical activities that can help in building a good physique. Use the morning time to plan for the entire day.

  1. Get proper sleep

This is a factor that is often overlooked by many. Most people are of the opinion that finishing their business related tasks is worth missing out a good night’s sleep. The truth is that when you give up sleep, you risk being unproductive at work. Get proper sleep every single day and you will notice that your productivity increases to a great extent.

The key takeaway

The best source of motivation as an entrepreneur is to always keep in mind the purpose of your journey. When you remind yourself of the purpose, you will want to go ahead in spite of all the obstacles. Staying self-motivated is the key to growth in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Pros and Cons of the Weight Watchers Point Values System

Weight Watchers is a commercially successful brand. Because of the huge popularity of the program, a lot of new users join the program every single day. However, like with every other weight loss programs, it is important for people to understand the Weight Watchers program and how it works. This article covers the pros and cons of the Weight Watchers Point Values System that allows you to get an overview of the program and the benefits you can get from it. This will surely help you make a decision whether you should go on with the program or not.

Weight Watchers Point Values System

The Pros:

– Weight Watchers Programs include a nutritional diet with exercise and diet advice. These are the secrets to healthy weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

– The nutritional values offered by the program never let you feel hungry or inactive. Your body’s metabolism rate remains in control. It avoids creating fat stores within the body.

– When you are directly related to the Weight Watchers program you are provided with a very nutritional diet program with meals and recipes.

– The program offers a face-to-face support which is very rare.

– The program can be conducted online with the help of support forums for meetings. You can also not attend the meetings and still use the program by using tools such as the Weight Watchers Online Point Calculator.

– Besides providing dieters with a healthy diet program, the program educates them on portion control and the nutritional values certain foods have.

– The Weight Watchers Program gives a freedom of choice to its users with regard to foods. No foods are considered off-limits. This makes it the best choice for people who wish to lose weight without compromising on taste.

The Cons:

– The Weight Watchers program relies on the use of gimmicks to market their products. They do it excessively. The Weight Watchers program has a lot of devices to support their program which are hugely marketed to prospective customers to make the process appear simple.

–  Weight Watchers lets dieters choose a wide variety of foods to eat without much restriction. This freedom sometimes proves to be very tempting for some people. For some dieters, weight loss plans with strict food guidelines can work much better.

– The Weight Watchers program is time-consuming and complicated for those who want a simple approach to eating. The process of counting calories for everything you eat can be quite tedious.

– The Weight Watchers Program includes meeting attendance. This can possibly make you more dependent and avert the development of self-indulgence and confidence.

–  The cost of your Weight Watchers membership varies on the level you choose. However, when you have a lot of weight to lose, you must consider the cost of the entire time you need to be on the plan. This will let you know if you can afford it or not.

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Low Carb Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss diet, a low carb diet really works well. Indians on a low carb diet are always on a lookout for low carb Indian diet plan for weight loss. People on a low carb vegetarian diet have a tough time in making diet plans for themselves whereas it is much easier for those who eat non-veg.

Non-vegetarian food options

The most commonly used non-veg food items in India are fish, eggs and chicken. You can consume them on a daily basis when you are on a low carb diet. There are a lot of tasty dishes that you can make out of them.

Your breakfast can include a fluffy omelette with a lot of vegetables. For lunch, you can have grilled fish and for dinner, you can have tandoori chicken.

Vegetarian food options


India is an agricultural nation. There are lots of low carb veggies in India. Take a look at those that offer 4g and less of carbs per 100g of the veggies:

Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli

You can easily prepare a dish out of cauliflower, cabbage or broccoli.

  • Boiled Cauliflower contains 2.3 g carbs per 100 g
  • Boiled cabbage contains 0.6 g carbs per 100 g
  • Boiled Broccoli contains 1.3 g carbs per 100 g

Cucumber, spinach, lettuce and radish

You can make a healthy salad out of lettuce, cucumber, spinach and radish. Steam them if you want.

  • Lettuce contains 1.9 g of carbs per 100 g
  • Raw cucumber contains 1.5 g of carbs per 100 g
  • Raw Spinach contains 1.6 g of carbs per 100 g
  • Raw radish contains 2 g of carbs per 100 g


This is a low carb veggie. Raw brinjal (100g) has 2.2g of carbs in it. The carb count increases on the addition of tomatoes and onions. Cut brinjal into thin slices and add masalas and cook on a tawa (flat pan) with minimal oil. You can definitely include these as a part of your low carb diet.


Capsicum is a low carb vegetable. You can add this to salads, omelettes and grilled vegetables. Make a yummy dish out of this and relish it with soup or salad.


Soya is a great option for protein intake. Include soya chunks in your meals and fulfil your protein requirement.


When you are on a low carb diet, you cannot have many fruits. However, you can include berries in your diet. Include blueberries, raspberries and strawberries in your diet but in moderation.

Dairy products

When on a low carb diet, you can include full-fat milk and paneer in your diet. However, make sure that you have these in moderation.


Extra virgin olive oils are the healthiest fat but you have to drizzle in on top of cold salads. You can also have coconut oil, butter and ghee in low proportions. With a low carb diet, you can easily meet your weight loss goals.

You can always opt for a customized Indian diet plan for weight loss. However, it is suggested to look for the insight of a dietician to identify your calorie intake demands.

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Should You Buy YouTube Likes

Likes on YouTube are a way to signify that a video is liked and accepted by others. The more the number of likes on a video, the more successful it seems to the potential viewers. Apart from appearing successful, there are various other advantages of having more likes on your videos. Videos with more likes do not just receive interest from others, they get noticed by YouTube as well. This eventually leads to more engagement. Hence, we can see how valuable likes are on YouTube. Below are some reasons to buy likes for your YouTube videos.

  • Viewer expectation

Videos which have more likes receive likes at a much faster rate than those which do not have many likes. Visitors really have a tendency to like those videos which already have a huge amount of likes. It is a natural tendency for people to observe other people’s reaction to something and expect it to be worthy or unworthy. This makes likes an important factor to get the attention of new viewers.

  • Better YouTube rankings

YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine in the world. It uses a certain kind of algorithm that delivers popular and relevant video contents to each user. The likes on a video assist YouTube algorithm to sort out the videos in terms of authority and relevance and helps it to index them.

  • Increased chance of virality

When a video appears with a lot of likes, people have a tendency to share it. However, the video has to be worth sharing to make this happen. Buying likes can only quicken the process as the video will already seem popular.

  • Getting out of mediocrity

It takes time and effort to create a video worthy of likes. However, it is certainly possible that your videos do not get the reach it needs to get to the level where it can be called as more than average. To keep up the motivation and increase engagement with viewers it is important that you get an initial boost of likes for your videos. This can make your videos popular and give others the impression that your channel must be really prominent. Buying likes can certainly help you achieve this.

  • Increased popularity

With the increase in the number of likes for your videos, you gain a lot of popularity and your viewers begin to recognize your brand. This makes it a great reason to buy YouTube likes.

Wrapping up

Considering all these factors, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that when you buy YouTube likes, it can boost your credibility and take your channel to a whole new level. However, when buying likes for the videos, be sure to check out the reviews of the source of these likes. You wouldn’t like it when you find out that you were not paid what was promised.

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Closeness Versus Distance In Relationships

It is possible to be a million miles apart psychologically while in the exact same bed and as near as the upcoming heartbeat even though you’re separated by time or perhaps miles. Have you had the experience of feeling truly separated or perhaps far apart from your partner even though you had been within touching distance? Have you felt in close proximity to someone you see hardly or do not truly know that well?

How can you explain this paradox? I have had both experiences in my life on more than a single occasion and I have attempted to figure out the root of this particular closeness and distance paradox. I do not have a definitive answer, but I believe I’m getting closer to the centre of the problem.

There are many types of distance or closeness. There is: psychological, spiritual, sexual, financial, emotional, and physical. I have felt really close psychologically to somebody who is a million miles apart physically. In case you are in a relationship and don’t look in close proximity to your significant other or partner in any of the above mentioned methods I recommend you think about the value of this relationship on your path through the majority of your life and the way to change this or just what it demonstrates in the general image of your relationship needs or agendas.

The real problem here is when we are close in several ways and distant in others. For instance, if you have a greater demand for romance, emotional closeness, or more affection and your significant other has a higher demand for better financial security and no need for emotional closeness or the romance, you won’t ever bridge this gap concentrating on a completely unrelated common area in your relationship or pretending it does not exist or does not really matter. You are going to tend to get the unresolved resentments, expectations, baggage, guilt etc. into the various other aspects of your relationship leading to greater distance and much more dysfunction. You might not do it purposely, but you’ll surely do it unconsciously.

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Facebook Likes

Facebook is the most used networking site in the social media industry today. With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has created a hype among people. It has become a top choice for business owners to market their product and reach out to their potential customers. However, the competition in the online market has grown quite exponentially and it has become quite tough for a business to remain stable with less popularity. To help your business get to the level of competition in the market, you need to make your Facebook business profile popular. To make it happen, you need likes – the more, the better. Likes bring you more followers. The easiest way to get more likes is to buy Facebook likes. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider buying Facebook likes.

  1. It is an indicator of fame

The number of likes on your profile gives an assessment of your popularity. The more likes you have, the more fame you get for your profile.


  1. Gives a better visibility to your profile

When your page gets liked by someone, it will be shown as a recommendation to others in their circle of friends who have the same interests. So, it is recommended to do everything on your part to make people like your page and its contents.

  1. It gives your potential customers a positive outlook on your business.

When a new client gets to your page, the number of likes on your page gives them the impression that people are interested in you and your products. This positive outlook towards your business can initiate a long-lasting bond with your customers.

  1. It is one of the most inexpensive means of advertising your business.

Facebook advertisements can cost you a lot. However, when you buy Facebook likes, you save a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent buying expensive advertisements.


  1. It helps you to keep your new customers engaged.

Your old fans will always be there when they find your content interesting. However, it is important that you keep your new fans engaged by whichever means you can. Having more likes will keep your customers engaged and keep your fan base growing.

  1. It helps you build a better business relationship.

Getting likes is the initial step in the journey of building a successful business relationship. However, a lot depends on your effort to keep your audience engaged and turn them into loyal customers. Once you build a good relationship with your clients, your business will reach a whole new level.

  1. Makes people interested.

A higher number of likes gives people the impression that your content must be really interesting. By buying likes, you will enhance the reach of your profile. Just make sure that you actually give them interesting content.

So, that was my list of the 7 reasons to buy Facebook likes. If you think you can add more to the list, feel free to do so in the comment section. I would be glad to get into a discussion with you. Thank you very much for reading.

Photography – Did You Know?

Photography is actually painting with light! It has been said that photography is the one art in which you do not have to go to school, nothing separates the pro from the amateur. Give a camera to a kid and they have cracked it, give the same kid a keyboard and they will get back to you in due time.

Most photographs are actually created using a camera, which has a lens to focus the scene’s visible wavelengths of light into a reproduction of what the human eye will see. The process of creating photographs is called photography.

The fantastic thing about photography is its outward focus on the world around us, not the art itself. Moving from hobby photography to professional photography is actually a huge jump. It is a jump not simply because your ability to pay your mortgage and feed your family will now depend completely on your talent with a digital camera and your abilities at marketing those talents.

For me, photography is about “collecting” experiences and allowing myself to be more than a fly on the wall in my subjects’ lives. I do not think photography is dead, I think photography is actually an incredibly young art form. I also check out the history of photography and see a large number of its milestones have been based on the technology of the time.

Photography is going through an exciting transition period as many film photographers are actually beginning to explore the new capabilities made possible with digital cameras. Traditional aspects such as the basic techniques and lens equipment have remained the same, however, others are markedly different.

Natural light in photography is essential if you wish to take great portraits. Photography can be used to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments, to tell stories, to send messages, and as a source of entertainment. Photography is actually an art of particularity, but this does not mean that photography must be from “outside in. If photography has an excessive amount of natural accident, it will barely carry visual dynamic. But if it is way too much photographer intervention and manipulation of the subject, it is going to paralyze the expression of the subject’s essence.

Once you have gotten your head around this and started filming a couple of pictures, you may find that photography is quite fun and fascinating. At first glance, it would seem that unless you are a full-time adventure athlete, adventure photography is one thing that you are going to have very little chance to use yourself to? Nevertheless, nothing could be further from the truth. When learning how you can shoot action photos, there are lots of ways you can start practising and honing your skills when you are far from wild rivers or the mountains.

Photography is actually all about selection, first through the viewfinder and second when you take a look at the results. So long as there is selection involved, there is room for art – if the artist is able to pull it off.

Why Buy Twitter Followers?


Twitter is a rapidly growing social media platform. With more and more people joining the platform every day, it has become a huge platform for marketing, business promotion and friendly networking across the world. To make the best out of this social media platform, you need to build up your following. While social media experts suggest you various strategies to increase your following, if you are a newbie, increasing your following on Twitter will definitely take time and patience. With a well thought-out strategy, business promotion on Twitter can really work well for you. But, sometimes even the best practices do not work out well. A good kick start from a Twitter promotion service may be just the thing you need to get established on Twitter. You really do not have to wait for months and years with a handful of followers to get where you want to get. This is when you must consider buying Twitter followers.

Here are some of the advantages of buying Twitter followers:

  1. Instant boost of followers.

You might have been using your Twitter account for years now and you wonder why you are not able to gain more than 100 followers till date. Well, the easiest and quickest way to gain more followers is to “buy Twitter followers”. The moment you buy Twitter followers, your follower count boosts up instantly.

  1. Better exposure to virality

When you have a huge fan base on Twitter, chances are that your tweets are going to be retweeted. If the tweet is worth spreading, it could just get viral in a short span of time.

  1. Positive indication of more customers/clients


With the rise in the number of followers, you can expect your followers to turn into your customers/clients. You just need to promote your business on Twitter in the best possible manner.

  1. Future potential for business


Once your business promotion strategy starts giving you good results, you can expect it to grow further. Your followers can help you take your business to a whole new level.

  1. Social proof


Social proof is a powerful selling tool. It is a psychological phenomenon where the buyer believes that if a product is used by a lot of people it must be valuable. Buying twitter followers can enhance your social influence. This can lead to increase in conversion rate.

  1. Influencer status


When your fan base grows considerably to a huge level, your tweets get more engagement and eventually you may just get the status of being a Twitter influencer. This can be immensely beneficial to your business as people will trust you more than they did before.

To sum it up, using a Twitter promotion service can give you a push in your journey to success on Twitter. However, you still have to use different tactics to promote your Twitter profile. Buying followers will maximize your marketing efforts but you have to follow the basics to make your Twitter promotion strategy a huge success.

I hope you found this post useful and informative. If you have any queries and suggestions, please let me know about it in the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading!



Discover How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing

Over the past several years the main focus for a lot of small business and home-based business owners has been on social media marketing. The best thing about social media for business is that it offers you a means to be in constant contact with past, future and regular customers but there is an issue with it and that is the point that a lot of people who would like to get started just can’t decide where and how to really get going.

Many of these business owners are aware that they ought to be using tools like Twitter and Facebook to connect and develop relationships with folks but they can’t work out how you can do it so that their online businesses will gain.

Let us take a quick look at the very best way to get started with social media marketing from a business point of view.

To start with you should have a plan. This plan has to incorporate not only how and where you intend setting up profiles but also the many techniques you are going to use them on a daily basis.

So that you are able to create a plan you have to check out a number of social websites and find out what they have to offer. It is important to determine whether the target market of yours is actually active on any of these social websites and you are able to do this by checking out what your competition is actually using, as there is a great possibility that your competitors are already using several of these websites for their very own online home based businesses. Thus, studying what they are doing is actually a great place to start.

When you have discovered which social sites will be best for you to be using your next step is to get your business profile on to each of these sites. Start with the most popular ones like Twitter and Facebook because with these it is highly unlikely that you are going to miss out on your target market.

After taking care of the larger and much more popular sites you are able to then start working on several of the niche sites also. When creating your profile it is crucial you add a link back to your main site and also a very short introduction to what you and your internet business is actually about.

Remember the primary point of social sites is first and foremost the fact that they are social. So it is really important that you do not come across as someone who is just interested in pushing their business and making revenue.

To be effective with any of these sites you have to become involved with your target market on a much more personal rather than on a strictly business and sales level.

After joining and setting up your profile you will then have to find and join groups that are actually being utilized by your audience and you can do this by searching through the different groups which are available. While not all social media sites have groups there are actually a huge majority of them that do. Along with these groups there could also be communities and probably the best way to find them is by becoming “friends” or “following” people who think like you and are in the same business as you are.

By learning what they are talking about and doing you are going to be in a much better position to find out how the entire community interacts and as soon as you have the feel of the tone of the community then you have to become engaged with them.

This is the point at which you have to start to add useful info to the overall discussion. Keeping this in mind, you can in a minimal and subtle way include a bit of a sales pitch. Your primary purpose there is not to promote your products directly; the purpose is to be known and brand yourself and by building good relationships that can provide huge benefits well into the future both with clients and other online businesses.

When you follow these easy steps you will effectively and quickly integrate yourself and your online home based business into the social sites community.