Some Lesser Known Facts About Pinterest


On Pinterest, users can share images, videos, and links to their websites. Users can post anything and see everything here on Pinterest. Everything is public here and this is the best part of using this social media platform. Users can save everything on their boards or download every image on their device very easily but if you want to download videos, it becomes a little difficult, so users can utilize Pinterest Video Downloader and download any video on Pinterest.

Everything that you use in your life has some known features that are clearly visible and known to you but on the other hand, there are some hidden facts that people do not know. Pinterest is a very popular social media platform used by many people across the globe for many different purposes. Some people use it as a tool to get more visitors for their original content but some use it for some. Look at the points below and see whether you know these facts about Pinterest or not.

More Than 250 Million Plus Pins

There are more than 250 million pins present on Pinterest and the actual numbers are still unknown. So, here you will be able to find everything that you won’t see, whether it is some kind of Spanish food recipe or the most underrated but attractive holiday locations.

Women Centric Social Media Platform

More than 72 percent of women are there on Pinterest and this is the most women-centric social media platform. Girls like to watch new clothes, fashion accessories, and different styling things and Pinterest is full of posts like this. 

Most Of The Users Are Young

Here more than 85 percent of users are young and on average most users lie between the age group of 18 to 30 years. You will rarely find people who are above 40 years of age on Pinterest. 

Engagement On Pins Lasts Longer

If you post something on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that the posts will be showing engagement for a few days, or you can say it can last a week. But when you pin anything on Pinterest, it can retain the engagement for more than 3 months. 

One Of The Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms

Pinterest has shown immense potential in growth compared to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook but it comes to the second spot right after Tumblr, in terms of growth as an emerging social media place.

Good For Driving Large Sales

If you are able to get more repins, comments, and saves for a very long time, you are definitely going to generate more sales as well. 80 percent of the people who come here are influenced by the pins and they do not hesitate in spending money if they find your product useful.

Even Related Pins Brings More Than 40 Percent Engagement

Suppose you search for some kind of pin, then you will see that some related pins appear as well with that pin. And here on Pinterest, those pins account for more than percent engagement and bring you more views and repins.  

Can Bring More Views For Your Website Through Repins

It is believed that on average a pin on Pinterest gets repins almost about 11 times and brings you more than 6-7 website visits. This means if you post more content here, you are more like;y to get website visits and unique users every day without paying for any promotions.

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