The Abnormalities of Daily Life

Atlanta, USA: The world has become a difficult place to live in, living life has become a more expensive affair, leading a healthy carefree life is completely out of question and why is that? The only possible answer is humans. We have made this planet so difficult to live on that the living beings which cannot even speak are facing serious repercussions because of our actions.Animals are getting extinct because of change in their living conditions, wildlife do not have a place to live in and the whole world is being converted into a concrete jungle. What is with all the chaos, humans? What has earth done to you? Just given you life, shouldn’t you be thankful to earth instead of destroying it piece by piece?

The level of exploitation caused by our race is beyond measure, the resources our planet provides us naturally are inexplicably used (read: wasted) by us to the point of replenishment. These actions of our race cause a lot of harm to our planet. The noticeable effect of the blatant disregard by us is the changing climate because of the immense pollution we cause. We humans have increased our carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission to such an extent that it has caused the depletion of the atmosphere. It has been proven by our scientists that our ozone has started depleting  which has led to global warming and thus, melting of ice lands in northern and southern poles.

All this destruction, slaughter and massacre is only effecting us and thus, we are dying, we are slowly dying and what have humans done about it? Aggravate this situation in their own sweet ways. On one side, people are dying of breathing-related problems and even children are born with such problems(because of the environment) that are un-treatable, still, there is no stopping and on the other side,food is being adultrated without a sliver of shame-food is being polished, preservatives are added, flavors are added to enhance the taste and elongate it’s life-these enhancements kills the nutrients originally present in the food, thus making it unsuitable for consumption. Duplicacy of medicines and food supplies is on the rise which can cause serious side effects to it’s consumers. Synthetic food materials are produced in order to produce more consumable products in less amount of time and money, it is sold in the market and obviously, consuming such kind of food not only effects our health but also damages our immunity permanently.Consuming such goods is a daily routine for us now and unknowingly we are harming ourselves and our loved ones.

We need to be in our best mindsets and find a solution to combat these problems that we have created for ourselves. For starters, we need to reduce our carbon emissions by using public transports, doing carpool or by choosing to walk to the places where you can. Also, keep a control on the wastage you do, consuming products wisely is the need of the hour and, if we cannot stop the production of adulterated food, we can surely stop consuming it. Locate best health food stores in Atlanta or wherever you live and eat healthy. We need to make little efforts to make a big change and these efforts are the ones who might turn into a big revolution.

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