Understand Different Type Of Social Media Influencers


With the rise in new startups and the great reach of social media platforms, social media influence has grown severely and many people are becoming social media sensation and getting paid for promoting different brands or startups on their social media accounts. There are many kinds of social media influencers who deal in different niches and promote specific kinds of products only. 

You can be a social media influencer too, if you have at least 1k followers on your Instagram you could start as a nano influencer, and with more views and branded content on your profile, you will grow as a social media influencer soon. There are different categories of influencers and to understand all the types of social media influencers, you can read the information provided below.

Blogger And Vloggers

These people are the most common type of influencer you will see nowadays on social media. Most of the bloggers and vloggers are into lifestyle, styling, entertainment, and fashion industry and they share their real-life experiences, product reviews, and even their daily lifestyle with people through social media posts, videos and stories. They get paid for every brand promotion and as they have a large audience who watches them regularly. Some of the big names in this field include Diipa Khosla, Neil Patel, and Komal Pandey. 

Social Media Stars

Basically, these are the people that get fame on social media by their acts or by showing their daily life to the people. There are many people who just share glimpses of daily life and ask people questions regarding specific daily life things. Once their content gets recognition by the users they are able to influence people through their social media posts, stories or messages. They play a huge role if you want to grab more audience for your product as they are in constant touch with their audience and whatever they say, people who follow them hear them out.

Television Stars

Television stars are already popular, people due to their screen presence and everyone knows about them. They act as influencers for the people who regularly follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, or Snapchat. Even they enjoy great brand deals from many companies but not as much as bloggers and vloggers. They always have a huge fan following and that’s what helps them in getting in touch with the people and let them inform about certain services or products.


People like athletes, high profile actors, sportspersons, musicians fall under this category and there is no doubt that they have the most engaged followers in their account. They have the most convincing power as compared to any of the influencers. They can make a huge impact on any company’s performance just by promoting the brand through their official social media account. Though approaching them is very difficult but if you are able to get in touch with them you are surely going to get a major boost in your performance. 


Social media activists are those people who stand for some cause and have a very loyal and dedicated audience who supports them in all their decisions. Those who follow them are always with the cause and that’s why people who are their followers always support them with all the things they do. Someone who is against the cause won’t follow them and won’t support their work. So, getting brand promotion done from these can ensure a very good engagement of people.

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