How to create svg image in photoshop?

If you’re working with SVG in Photoshop, you might have noticed that there are many ways to convert different types of files into an SVG format. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the most common ways to create a vector graphic in Photoshop. We’ll also cover how to export your own PNGs as SVGs and whether or not it’s possible to turn a PNG into an SVG file!

How do I convert Photoshop to SVG?

Here are some ways to convert Photoshop to SVG:

  • Use the “convert to graphic web” option
  • Use the “save for web” option
  • Use the export as command or click on that button in your toolbar.
  • Use the save as command or click on that button in your toolbar.

You can also use Image Trace Tool in Illustrator to convert vector graphics into SVG files, but this is not recommended because it will result in a loss of quality if you have a lot of colors and gradients in your image, so I would recommend using one of those first three options instead.

How do I convert PNG to SVG in Photoshop?

In Photoshop, open the image you want to convert. Then, save it as a PNG file again. Next, open this PNG file and go to Edit > Save For Web (or press Command/Control-Shift-Alt-S).

In the pop-up window that appears, select SVG from the dropdown menu in the bottom left corner of your screen. You can also click on “Format” at the top of this window and choose SVG from there if you don’t see it in your options list immediately below “Save As”.

Click OK when you’re done making changes to your file name and settings for saving as an SVG format file. You’ll now see another pop up with several options; make sure “Preserve Transparency” is checked off before clicking OK again on this page too!

How do I create a SVG file?

There are two ways to create a SVG file:

  • File > New: This will open the New dialog box where you can choose the size and color mode of your document, resolution, and file type.
  • Selecting “SVG” while saving a new image or document: If you want to save an image as an SVG file without having to go through a step-by-step process in Photoshop, simply select “Save As…” from the File menu and choose “SVG” from the list of available formats. If this option isn’t available on your version of Photoshop (CS3), then check out our article titled Getting Started With Adobe Illustrator CS3 or CS4 for instructions on how to enable it by going into Preferences > Advanced Settings > Save Options.”

Can you turn a PNG into an SVG?

You can’t turn a PNG into an SVG. However, you can convert it to a JPG or GIF and then convert that to an SVG.

I use Photoshop to create my SVGs but there are plenty of other tools out there that can help you out too! If you’re looking for a free solution, I recommend trying Inkscape (which is open source) or Illustrator (which is not). If you want something more robust with a higher learning curve, Adobe Illustrator will be your best bet!


SVG image is a vector image that can be scaled up or down without losing its quality. This is why it’s the best format for e-commerce sites and apps that need to display images at any size. Check here ” A free tool to change SVG color in 2 minutes“.

How to add block comment in shell script

The shell script is a set of instructions which are written using a programming language called bash. It is used for running commands, managing files and directories on your computer. Shell scripts often contain many lines of code and sometimes it becomes difficult to find the exact line that needs to be edited or added. In such cases, block comments can help you out by putting a comment in front of each section of code you want to edit so that you can easily find those lines later on without having to scroll through all other lines first.

How do I insert a comment in a bash script?

  • The hash symbol: #
  • The pound symbol: $
  • The double-dash symbol: —
  • The semicolon: ;
  • The single-dash symbol: –

How do I comment in bash shell?

You can use # at the beginning of a line to create a comment. This will tell the shell to ignore everything that follows on that line.

You can also use it at the end of a line, which will comment out everything from there until the end of the file.

Finally, if you want to have some sort of commentary near your code but not in its entirety, use # at the beginning of each relevant section and then ; at the end (or vice versa).

How do you comment in a batch script?

The REM command is used to add comments to batch scripts.

A simple example would be:

REM This is a comment line

The comment line can be any length, but it must start with an equal sign (=), followed by one or more characters, and then end with a carriage return (CR).

How do you comment multiple lines?

As mentioned, the syntax for a shell comment is as follows:

# comment 1

You can also use C-style comments in your shell scripts. To do so, simply enclose the text you want to remain untouched by the script with two forward slashes (//):

// This line will be ignored by the script and all of these will be ignored as well.

There are many options for commenting out multiple lines of code, including using shell scripts themselves. You can use #!/bin/sh at the top of your file and put all your code in there. Then put another #!/bin/sh at the bottom of your file and then you don’t have to worry about compiling anything because it already runs from that first line!


In this article, we will be discussing the various ways in which you can add comments in your shell script. We will also discuss how to format these comments and some of the best practices for adding them into your scripts. If you wants to read blogs on ” Block comments in Java”  click here.

Why creative writing is important for students

At one point or another, everyone will have to write. Whether you’re writing a blog post, working on an essay for class or just sending out emails at work, it’s important to be able to effectively communicate with others and have good grammar skills. Creative writing is one way that students can develop their writing style and actually enjoy doing so because they get to express themselves in different ways. Here are some reasons why creative writing is important for students:

Students get to express themselves.

  • Students can express themselves.
  • Students can get feedback from others.
  • Students can express their creativity.
  • Students can express their opinions and ideas about the world around them that they see every day.
  • They get to share what they feel about things with other people who might not have had the same experience or viewpoint as them, but this is a great way for students to communicate and understand each other better!

Writing well is a valuable professional skill.

Writing well is a valuable skill in a professional setting. This is why it’s important for students to develop their writing skills.

Writing well can be developed over time by practicing and reading. Student writers must take the time to develop their skills by putting in effort and practice, so that they are able to write with ease and clarity once they enter the professional world.

Creative writing allows students to grow their imagination.

In this article, you will learn how to use your imagination and writing skills.

You can begin by writing a story about a character named Tom who is living in New York City. He works at a coffee shop that’s located near Union Square Park. One day, Tom sees a girl sitting alone at one of the tables outside of his shop. She has dark hair and eyes; she also wears glasses and has braces on her teeth. The girl looks like she might be hungry because her face looks pale and tired from working long hours at her job as a waitress in another restaurant downtown.

Tom realizes that the girl needs help because she doesn’t have any money or food with her today so he gives her some food from his restaurant before leaving work for home later that evening after closing up shop for good! Click this link  to know more.

Creative writing helps students to become more aware of their writing style.

Writing has become an essential part of every student’s life. Nowadays, students are asked to write academic essays and research papers in order to pass their exams. Hence, it is important for them to be aware of their writing styles and improve upon them.

There are three main types of writing: formal, informal and creative. While the first two are straightforward (e.g., an essay), the third one requires a bit more creativity from the writer because it involves telling stories or explaining something in a creative manner rather than just stating facts or giving information about something like a report does. If you want to become a good writer who can express oneself well then you must know how each type of writing works so that when someone asks you something related to one specific kind–formal or informal–you’re prepared with an answer right away!


Creative writing is a valuable skill for students to possess. It helps them to express themselves and develop their imagination, which are important in the world today. Writing well is also an important professional skill that will help students prepare for their future careers or just to get ahead in life. Creative writing can be used as an outlet for students who are struggling with something else they are dealing with at home or school, such as bullying or divorce.

Can we heat food in aluminum foil microwave

The question of whether or not we can heat food in aluminum foil has been raised on a number of occasions. The short answer, as always, is that it depends. There are some instances where using aluminum foil to cook or reheat food is not safe, while there are other situations where the use of this material may be perfectly suitable and even recommended.

Is it safe to heat food in aluminum foil?

No. It’s not safe to heat food in aluminum foil in the microwave.

The only way you’ll get a reaction is if you put foil directly on the heating surface, which will not happen when using it as a container for food. The metal should be separated from the heating elements by at least 1 inch (2.5 cm).

Can we use silver foil in microwave?

Not only is aluminum foil unsafe to use in a microwave, it can also cause damage to your microwave. The foil will heat up and create sparks that will ignite the food you are heating. This can cause a fire that can spread and burn down your house or injure someone.

If you have any questions about this topic, please leave me a comment below!

How do you reheat food in a foil tray?

  • Place the food in a microwave-safe container.
  • Cover the food with a sheet of aluminum foil and poke holes in it to allow steam to escape.
  • Cook on high for 1 minute for each serving. Remove the foil and stir, replacing it if necessary before reheating for another minute. Remove the second layer of foil and serve immediately.

Can we use aluminium foil in microwave grill

You can use aluminium foil in microwave grills. You can cook or heat food in them. There are different types of foil, but the most common type is regular foil that you wrap around food to keep it warm. This type of foil is safe for the microwave and has been approved by the FDA.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using aluminum foils for heating your food in a microwave, so let’s take a look at what these are:

  • Advantages:
  • Easy to use – Foils make it easy to heat up foods because you don’t have to dirty up any dishes or pots when preparing your meal for yourself or others around you; simply put all ingredients into one piece of aluminum, wrap tightly with another piece if necessary (depending on how much space there is between pieces), then throw away after use! No mess! No fuss!
  • Convenient – You don’t have worry about whether or not there’s enough room on your countertop since these covers are compact enough that they can fit anywhere without taking up too much space (unless they’re huge). If needed though then simply toss them off onto another surface such as kitchen table etcetera provided that both surfaces aren’t made out from glass material which might crack due high temperatures generated during cooking process (and thus causing injury). Just make sure whatever surface used isn’t made out from wood material either since this could catch fire easily due exposure temperatures generated during cooking process.”


We hope this article has helped you to better understand the safety concerns around heating food in aluminum foil. We also hope it’s given you some ideas on how to use this versatile kitchen staple in new ways! Learn more , how to heat food.

How long after touching poison ivy does it appear?

Poison ivy is a common plant that can cause an itchy rash. It causes this reaction when the sap comes into contact with your skin and then causes an allergic reaction. The rash starts to appear within 24 hours of being exposed to poison ivy, but it may take up to two weeks for it to fully appear on your skin.

Does poison ivy appear instantly?

As we’ve mentioned, poison ivy is a plant. Therefore, it takes time to develop and grow. A person can be exposed to poison ivy and have no reaction at all for days or weeks after the fact. The average time between exposure and the appearance of symptoms is 1-14 days (though this can vary).

The size, shape and location of your rash will depend on how much poison ivy oil came into contact with your skin—the more concentrated the oil was on your skin when you first touched it, the worse off you’ll be in terms of how severe your reaction will be.

Can you get poison ivy by just touching it?

Yes, you can get poison ivy by touching it.

  • Touching the leaves, stem or roots of a poison ivy plant will cause an allergic reaction in most people. The rash reaction may take anywhere from 12 hours to 14 days to appear following exposure, although it usually appears within 24 hours.
  • The sap of a poison ivy plant can also spread on objects such as clothes, tools and gardening tools that have come into contact with the plant. If you touch these objects after they’ve been contaminated by poison ivy sap (also called urushiol), then you could get exposed to urushiol and develop symptoms of a skin rash yourself.

How long does it take for poison ivy to fully develop?

  • It can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days for a poison ivy rash to fully develop after you’ve come into contact with the plant.
  • If you use topical corticosteroids and calamine lotion, it can take up to two weeks for your symptoms to completely go away.
  • If you’re sensitive to urushiol, it will likely remain in your system for three months or more after exposure.

How do you know if you touched poison ivy?

If you think that you have touched poison ivy, there are a few things you can do to test this theory. First, check the area where you believe contact occurred for any itchiness or redness. If there is no indication that your skin has been affected by the plant, then it’s a good idea to wait 72 hours before checking again—this will give your body time to show any reactions. If after 3 days nothing appears on your skin and your symptoms remain mild (or non-existent), then it was likely not poison ivy after all!

If some irritation does begin to show up in those first few days after exposure, don’t panic; this could just be an allergic reaction from something else in the mix (like what happens when someone touches cat dander). However if these signs continue for more than 2 weeks with no improvement whatsoever and worsen in intensity over time instead of improving or going away altogether within 2 weeks’ time frame then consult a doctor who can help determine whether it is indeed an allergic reaction or not.”


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how long it takes for poison ivy to appear. If you suspect that you’ve touched poison ivy, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If the rash doesn’t go away within a few days, see your doctor immediately! Are you allergic to poison ivy?  Click to here to know- .

Is it a sin to play video games for a very long time?


Video games have become a huge part of our society. Many people enjoy playing video games as a hobby and others make it into their career. From a psychological perspective, some people also think that playing video games for prolonged periods can be harmful to your mental health. However, this is not true in every case. If you are someone who plays games for a long time but does not feel any negative effects then it is definitely not harmful to your mental well-being!

No, it is not a sin to play video games for a long time.

It is not a sin to play video games for a long time.

There are many people who enjoy playing video games, and they may even play them for longer than you would like. For example, some people play World of Warcraft for hours on end every day. This might make it seem like their lives are all about videogames and nothing else, but there is no harm in this – unless they start losing sleep or neglecting responsibilities because of their obsession with gaming.

If you’re concerned that your own gaming habits are becoming excessive, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you feeling guilty? Do you feel as if there’s something wrong with what you’re doing? If so, don’t worry! Feeling guilt isn’t necessarily a sign that something is wrong with your behavior; it could just mean that something needs to change (for example by setting stricter limits).
  • Do other people criticize your behavior? Some Christians believe that playing videogames can lead one toward addiction or sinfulness. If someone tells me I’m spending too much time on Facebook or Twitter when I do those things socially rather than compulsively or secretly, then I’ll consider cutting down on my usage (or at least telling them how much time I spend!). But when other people criticize my choice simply because they disapprove of videogames themselves—for example because they think we should all be reading Bibles instead—then I know not to listen too closely!

There is a small chance that it may become addictive to you.

The second question you should ask yourself is if your video game playing has become an obsession. If it has, then it is likely that you have an addiction and should seek help. When determining whether or not your gaming has become excessive, consider these factors:

  • How long do I play?
  • When do I play?
  • What other activities am I doing instead of playing video games?
  • Do I keep promises to myself about when I will stop playing and not follow through with them? These are all signs that there may be something wrong with how much time or attention you spend on playing video games.

However you should realize that there is no harm if you play games for longer than other people.

However, you should realize that there is no harm in playing video games for longer than other people, visit here to know more.

While it is important to make sure you are not neglecting your commitments and responsibilities as a person, it is also important to understand that there is no sin in playing video games for longer than others. The key here lies in understanding the difference between pastimes and passions; if your passion is video games then you should pursue them at all costs! However if your passion is actually something else, like helping those around you or pursuing your career goals then you should put less emphasis on gaming and more on these other things.

You can ask yourself these questions to decide whether playing video games is becoming an addiction.

To help you determine if your gaming is becoming an addiction, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel guilty or ashamed after playing video games?
  • Do I feel like I have to play video games to relax or feel good?
  • Do I play video games even when I know it’s not healthy for me to do so?
  • Am I using video games as an escape from my problems and responsibilities instead of dealing with them head on?

If you feel comfortable answering these questions honestly and positively, then your gaming is not an addiction.

If you feel comfortable answering these questions honestly and positively, then your gaming is not an addiction.

  • Do you ever play video games to escape reality?
  • Do others tell you that your gaming is excessive or impacting your life negatively?
  • Are there times when the only thing that helps is more time in front of the screen?


Being comfortable with yourself is a good thing. If you feel comfortable with your gaming habits, then that’s fine. Just make sure you are aware of the time that you spend playing these games so that it doesn’t get out of hand.

How Inventions in 1960 Forever Transformed the Way We Live

The 1960s marked the beginning of a decisive shift in the technological and political arena. Ever since the Big Bang, humanity has sought to evolve technologically in order to improve its way of life on Planet Earth. From scientific discoveries and innovations to technological advancements, the 1960s shook up the status quo and inspired people from all walks of life to change their own.

Technology and inventions in 1960 were a time of incredible growth for the world. Many memorable moments that shaped the history of the modern world happened in this decade, from the development and landing on the moon to the establishment of ATMs and credit cards.

Smoke Detectors (1969)

There are still a lot of things to be done with technology in order to make our lives easier. There are also changes that can be made in the political sense. Globalization and internationalization give us a great opportunity to improve our daily lives. Smoke detectors, also called smoke alarms, came into being and were manufactured in the 1960s. They were first used in 1969 on store shelves outside California.

Word Processor (1967)

During this time of quick growth and advancement, a simple yet revolutionary way to record one’s thoughts was invented on a quiet evening. The sharpened tip of a pencil was joined with sheets of paper no longer than 20 inches long. These two were then bound together through the application and use of natural rubber, forming the first-ever ballpoint pen in an office supply store in California.

Laser Surgery (1960)

Inventions and technologies started easing the lives of people across the world as they became more affordable, accessible, and easier to use. With a growing number of advancements being created every year, it would be futile to try and list down all these technologies in this article. Below are listed some of the most notable ones that marked the dawn of future tech as we know it today.

Digital Audio Tape (1963)

Analog and digital. Tape and disk. Once these terms separate music enthusiasts or audiophiles from collectors of records and CDs – now they represent much more. The growth in the way we enjoy our music has exploded over the last decade but it wasn’t always that way. Music on the go, streaming video and audio, Internet radio, and the ability to enjoy all this with a simple click.


In other words, this was the decade that forever changed the way we live our lives. And although technological inventions up to that point were not nearly as innovative and amazing as those in the 1960s era, it is important to note what went on before because these events helped pave the way for everything else to come. It also helps to see how far we have come in just under a century of technological development.

How to Improve Your SEO for Plumbing Firms in 2 Simple Steps

Introduction: The Importance of SEO in a Plumbing Business

SEO is a process of improving the visibility of a website in search engine rankings through a combination of methods. The goal is to achieve a high rank on the major search engines so that it appears at or near the top of the list when someone searches for relevant terms i.e SEO for plumbers.

There are many ways to rank higher in SEO, but it can be difficult to know what will work best for your company. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks that you should try if you want to increase your ranking.

With all the new updates to Google’s algorithms, keeping up with SEO is a full-time job. The good news is that there are many companies out there that offer affordable SEO services to help you rank higher on search engines. But how do you know which company to choose? What should you look for when deciding on a company?

What Type of Rankings Matter the Most?

The role of rankings has changed over time. Rankings can be a measure of popularity, quality, or even influence.

In the past, rankings were used as a measure of popularity and quality. Nowadays, they are used to measure influence and authority.

The rankings are changing. Gone are the days when they were used to measure quality and popularity. Now, these rankings are more focused on measuring influence and authority.

Conclusion: What You Need To Know About SEO For Plumbers

SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages so that they rank higher in search engine results pages. SEO can be done on any website, but it is often applied to websites that contain information about specific products or services, such as plumbers.

There are many benefits of using SEO for plumbers. It can help them to get more leads and increase their revenue. The following are some tips for an SEO strategy for plumbers:

– Use keywords in the title tags and meta descriptions

– Create a blog

– Create content with images

– Optimize your website’s code

Search engine optimization is a complicated process that can be difficult to understand, especially for people who are not in the marketing industry. It’s important to know what you need to know about SEO for plumbers so you can get started with your own SEO campaign.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of your online marketing strategy. It will help improve the way people find your content, which will lead to more traffic and conversions.

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Accepting Sezzle Payments

Introduction: What is Amazon and What is Sezzle?

Amazon is a multinational company and the largest retailer in the world, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is also the world’s biggest online store for customers to purchase millions of products worldwide and let’s find out this “does amazon accept sezzle” here. 

Sezzle is a digital marketing company that helps brands with their digital marketing efforts such as content creation and optimization, social media management, email marketing, and more.


Amazon is one of the leading companies in internet retailing and cloud computing services. Amazon develops its own products including electronics like Kindle e-readers, tablets and smartphones; it has also developed physical stores to sell some of its products like groceries.

Sezzle is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses with their content creation needs such as writing articles or blog posts or creating advertising campaigns using various platforms such as Facebook or YouTube

Sezzle is a digital marketing agency that has been around since 2013. Sezzle provides clients with content creation, copywriting, and marketing services. Clients get the opportunity to work with a team of talented writers and designers in a collaborative environment in order to create the best possible content for their business.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Accepting Sezzle Payments?

The benefits of Amazon accepting Sezzle payments are manifold.

First, it opens up the global market to Amazon.

Second, it builds trust with customers who use their credit card with Sezzle.

Third, it gives Amazon more opportunities to offer products and services that are not available on its website or physical stores.

Last but not the least, it will be able to take advantage of the latest technologies like AI and machine learning.

What is the Process of Setting up Your Shop on Amazon with Sezzle as a Payment Option?

Setting up an Amazon store with Sezzle is a quick, easy process. Follow these steps to get your store up and running in just a few minutes.

Sign into your Sezzle account or sign up for a new account if you don’t already have one. From there, click the “Start Selling” button on the dashboard menu to open the “Add New Store” screen.

Select “Amazon” from the drop-down menu in the “Choose Your Marketplace” section of the screen to select Amazon as your marketplace of choice.

Choose an appropriate payment option for your business needs from the drop-down menu in the “Which Payment Options Do You Require” section of the screen, then click “Next.”

Conclusion: Start Selling Your Products on Amazon with Sezzle as a Payment Option Today!

In conclusion, Sezzle is a quick and easy option for selling products on Amazon. Sellers can use the platform to sell their products on the world’s largest marketplace without any upfront payment.

The Future of Payment Methods: Sezzle is a new payment method that has been created specifically for online marketplaces. It offers a way to start selling your products on Amazon with no upfront cost.

Smart Tips To Market Your Casino Games Online

As you all know that there are various kinds of casino games available on the play store and AppStore respectively but the marketing techniques could be the same for every platform. All the major casino games have millions of downloads on the stores and this is why it becomes even more important to market a new game in a better way. All the games are certainly very high in the ranking in the casino games but if you have patience and you follow some basic and advanced tricks you could add your game to that list too.

You can learn the marketing tricks of your competitors and apply them to your campaign. Most of the games that are very famous among people are Zynga Poker, Coin Dozer, House of Fun, POP! Slots, and many more like them. Take a look at these games and look at how they market themselves in front of people. These games are easy to play and maybe you don’t know but these games can be easily hacked using tricks and some online generators. 

For example, you can get pop slot free coins easily by generating them online and if you are getting things without doing anything, people tend to get bored very soon. So make sure that you work on your security so these things cannot affect your game in the future. Apart from that, here are some basic marketing tips for casino games.

Pick Creatives Wisely 

Since casino portable games are customarily virtual slot machines Las Vegas is renowned for, your creatives ought to mirror that. Everything’s with regards to splendid tones and flashy pictures that request client attention. Utilize those unmistakable designs of coin-worked slot machines and make them dynamic and exciting. What’s more, obviously, don’t disregard the cash – dollar greenbacks and coins are what draws in casino players.

Target Lookalike Audiences on Facebook 

Copy audiences will be audiences who are probably going to be interested in your casino portable game since they look like your existing client base. You need to transfer your portable game’s client information into Facebook and identify what your clients share for all intents and purposes – interests, characteristics, practices, socioeconomics, location, and so forth. Copy audiences ought to be more modest since you’re targeting a quite certain gathering of individuals. However, despite the fact that it’s little, that audience will have an exorbitant interest in casino games. This makes it successful and cost-productive. 

Use App Store Optimization 

You need to concentrate on the thing your rivals are doing and test everything. There are even instruments that can examine the design, style, and shades of your icon and disclose to you how great it is according to the game genre. That is the reason it’s keen to stay aware of casino patterns. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your spin on it and make it stick out. You’ll frequently find words like “slots”, “spin” or “roll” in casino game titles. That is on the grounds that those catchphrases work – it’s what clients look for in the app store. 

Accomplice Up with Established Brands 

As was mentioned previously, this is an exceptionally aggressive market. New casino versatile games are dispatched regularly. Fortunately, there’s another stunt you can use to gain a benefit over your rivals – to collaborate with popular brands that have an enormous following. By doing that, you influence to set up brands to make your casino game a hit.