The IT Boom in India

There are many people who will not agree with the fact that India is going to become the superpower of the 21st century. It is a big proclamation to make but it’s true. India is on its way to becoming one of the strongest and wealthiest nations in the world. This is going to happen in less than a decade.

One of the major factors behind the fast growth of the Indian economy is the growth of the IT sector in India. If reports are to be believed, there is soon going to come a time when the world will become dependent on India for everything related to IT. The major reason for the growth of the Indian economy in terms of the IT sector is the cheap cost and reliable services offered by the Indian IT companies.

Whether it is about developing a new software project or launching a new e commerce website, Indian companies are the best in offering solutions at affordable rates. Therefore, when it comes to making the best use of services such are SEO and digital marketing, the first preference for clients from all over the world are Indian companies.

I have been in the Indian startup ecosystem and I have seen many SEO companies in Chandigarh garner huge profits through their services to International clients. Having said that, getting international clients is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have zero networking skills.

If you are someone from an IT background and want to get clients for your side hustle, you must know the effort it takes to tie in a client. There are many aspects to getting clients and keeping them for the long term. If you can master this art, you can bring in a lot of profit quickly. This is the power of the IT boom in India.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that India is riding the wave of a digital transformation and this is the perfect time to get the most out of your skills. If you are focused on becoming wealthy from your IT skills, there are many ways to do that. All you have to do is get the right mindset and work relentlessly towards making the best use of your time and the best use of opportunities that come your way.

Whether you are running SEO companies in Chandigarh or working with IT MultiNational Companies, there are many opportunities for growth in this world. You just have to take the right action at the right time. Eventually, things will fall into place and everything will be alright.

So, do you believe that India is going to become the next superpower? If so, well and good. If not, you got to do a lot more reading and researching to get things clear. Hope this article makes things a little clear so far. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


Things You Might Not Know About The Doodly Software

If you’re planning to make animation videos for your audiences, at that point you should peruse down some interesting things that you may not think about this software. All in all, We’ll see about Doodly animation software and is that value to purchase or not? If you are planning to purchase this software you might wanna find out about it, at that point you can give reading a shot at the Doodly Review for this reason. 

Significant Group Of People Who Uses Doodly 

Well, you may ask if Doodly animation software is useful for my work or not? The answer is, it’s valuable for the individuals who are making videos to pull the audience’s attraction. For instance, 

  • YouTube content makers
  • Presentation producers
  • Enterprises to advertise the item
  • Understudies for their tasks
  • Affiliate and social media advertisers
  • Finally, any video kind of video makers

What Are The Different Pricing Plans? 

Doodly offers two different pricing plans. In simple words, they are “Standard” and “Enterprise”. 

Month to Month Plan 

  1. Standard: $39/month 
  2. Enterprise: $69/month 

If you’re a beginner to make explainer videos, utilize a “Standard pricing plan”. Otherwise, you’re routinely making videos for the enterprise/organization level methods, at that point utilize the “Enterprise plan”. 

Along these lines, when you decided to pick the arrangement, presently it’s time to pick the bundle residency. Either you can purchase Doodly in the “Month to month or Yearly” plan. As we have seen above is the month to month plan.

Yearly Plan 

  1. Standard: $20/month (billed yearly). 
  2. Enterprise: $40/month (billed yearly). 

How To Update The Software? 

Inevitably, all the software updates will be available to all current individuals. What’s more, are pushed through your internet connection. While the information move is automatic, the software requires a restart in a request for changes to produce results. 

If you receive a notification that an update is available for the software, please log out and exit the software entirely. What’s more, whenever you have done such, the software will handle the update accordingly. Some other modifications will be available within your record upon your next login. 

To verify the software version, please sign in to your record. You will see a version listed at the head of your Doodly application dashboard. Likewise, if you notice that your Doodly software has not automatically refreshed, please log out of your record. 

How To Troubleshoot And Fix Issues? 

The software requires an active internet connection. Ordinarily, individuals may experience some download and install issues. Furthermore, it’s likely brought about by one of the following: 

Download Version: – Please make a special effort to be certain you have downloaded the right instance of Doodly.

Antivirus Software: – If you have an instance of this running on your device please click through to become familiar with Antivirus software and Doodly. 

Operating System Compatibility: – Please review the requirements for installation on a PC/Windows and Apple/Mac. 

Internet Connection Speed: – A moderate, weak signal, may make the software function gradually, or not react by any means! Please visit SpeedTest to check your internet speed. You may likewise need to contact your ISP to accomplish all the more testing on your connection/switch. 

Internet Security Issues: – A made sure about or a public organization may not permit outside downloads. It’s suggested that you utilize a protected, individual organization. Simply on the grounds that you can control the connection.

Top Five Best Orgone Pyramids You Should Buy!!

Pyramid healing energy resembles a tuning fork that the body tunes in to–a token of what had been its inalienable arrangement. While the pyramid reminds the body, we have a sense of security and by and large positive while under them. This Healing Pyramid changes over negative energy into positive energy, Balancing the Spiritual, Emotional inside everyday life. Useful to Remove negative energy, Stress Relieve, Plant Growth, Meditation Help, Comfort in Sleep, Help in Meditations, Natural Gemstone can be placed Corner of Bed or Electrical Device Under the Bed Corners in the rooms. 

This Crystal Healing shields you from Wi-Fi, Internet Routers, Harmful Radiation from Mobile Cell Phones, Radiation from Microwaves, Wireless Devices Other Radiation. To find out about the healing procedure through this energy you should visit this web address, here the entirety of your inquiries will be tackled with respect to this energy source. 

Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist’s Crystal Pyramid 

A Violet Flame Orgone Pyramid included Shungite, made with the goal to alchemize your fiery condition and open the pathways to change. Utilize the Violet Flame Orgone Pyramid as a point of convergence in your contemplation practice to enact the Alchemy of the Violet Flame. Keep by or under your bed for healing in your sleep, or request to interface with your Guides in the dreamtime. On the other hand, utilize a Feng Shui device and place this orgone pyramid in an attentive territory of your home to adjust EMFs and bolster concordance. 

Alchemist’s Copper and Gold Orgone Pyramid 

The Alchemist’s Copper and Gold Orgone Pyramid is a high energy pyramid that can bring parity, joy and thriving. The expansion of 5 Herkimer precious stones amplify the energy impact of this orgone pyramid. Connected with the high conductivity of copper and the respectable energy of gold, the Alchemist’s Copper and Gold Orgone Pyramid when utilized in contemplation will have a powerful impact in helping you to open, equalize and center your energy and attract to you what you need. 

Amethyst Crystal Point Orgone Pyramid 

Amethyst is a gemstone normally worn by healers, as it can focus essentialness. A healer will commonly wear a couple of bits of decorations with amethysts set in silver, especially an amethyst accessory. The healer will put another piece of Amethyst on the domain of the body needing recovering, the heart or lungs as a rule. Amethyst is used for issues as a piece of the blood and in breathing issues. Amethyst jewel bundles are used to keep the air and life oblige in the home perfect and positive. 

Green-Yellow-Blue, 24 Kt Gold Orgone Pyramid 

The Green-Yellow-Blue, 24 Kt Gold Orgone Pyramid is an energy pyramid that adjusts love, sympathy, self-esteem and confidence with a feeling of harmony and request through the chakra shades of the sunlight based plexus (yellow), heart (green) and the throat (blue).The expansion of 5 Herkimer precious stones amplify the energy impact of this orgone pyramid. 

Chakra Rainbow Herkimer Crystal Stones Orgonite Pyramid 

This imaginative Orgone Mayan Pyramid highlights Herkimer Diamonds, Green Aventurine and a Blue Kyanite sharp edge in a reasonable organic resin grid with Gold and Copper leaf, Brass and Hematite-plated spirals, a Copper circle and ring and a 24k Gold-electro reinforced Copper ring at the base. Herkimer Diamond is a splendid Quartz Crystal with eighteen features and two terminations. It squares geopathic stress and diminishes a sleeping disorder brought about by EMS pollution.

7 fun things to do on the internet

The world of internet is huge. With millions of websites on the internet today, you can now do almost anything right from your home. You can learn anything without having to go to a physical learning centre. You can buy anything you want with the click of a mouse. You can reach out to anyone you want in the world right from where you are. There is so much you can do with the internet. In this article, you will know about the most common things that you can do with on the internet.

1. Listen to songs

The internet gives you access to millions of songs. You can stream these songs online or you can download them on your device. Anyway, you get to have amazing experiences on the internet. There are websites which offer free songs to download and listen online. You can find your favourite songs there.

2. Play online games

There are so many games on the internet. The internet has, in fact, become a shrine for gamers. You will find gaming videos being uploaded on the internet every day. There are professional gamers who like to compete online. There are gamers who like to share their gaming tactics. You can find gamers on Twitch sharing their best tips and tricks and explaining how they play the game.

If you are a Twitch streamer, you can gain more exposure by getting more Twitch followers. There are so many Twitch followers on the platform. You just have to keep doing the good work to get their attention.

3. Create and watch videos online

There are billions of videos on the internet. You can find videos related to any topic under the sun. You can spend countless hours watching these videos and learning from them. You can have a lot of fun making videos and uploading them on the internet. You can reach out to people and change their lives through videos.

4. Learn about new recipes

You can find millions of new recipes on the internet. You can now learn to cook anything in just a few minutes. These websites are really amazing. You can find videos about these recipes and learn from them.

5. Learn new skills

Learning through the internet is really effective. You can learn anything you want right from your home. There are millions of tutorial videos and articles on the internet today. You can learn about any topic you want to learn from the internet.

6. Shop online

Online shopping has become easier now. You can now buy almost anything right from your home. There are a lot of websites which offer free delivery on products purchased online. You can buy clothes, grocery items, electronic items, book, etc.

7. Voice type

There are platforms where you can get your voice typed in text. You can use these for transcribing your audio and video files. You can use them for fun too. You can go on speaking and see the text getting tied in real time. It’s really fun.


So, that’s it. Those were some of the things you can do on the internet without having to go anywhere.

We hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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5 Simple Tips For Making Your WiFi Connection Faster

Slow internet connectivity can be really annoying. However, it is worth knowing that the speed of your WiFi connection does not only depend on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the package you have signed up for. There could be other several reasons why your internet connection loads up slowly. Sometimes it only requires troubleshooting minor issues or a few simple tricks to make your WiFi connection faster.

Here are 5 tips on how to improve your internet speed and service:

  1. Configure the startup computer programs

Figure out which programs are already running every time you start up your computer. You might be surprised at the number of programs that set themselves automatically and run when you start up your computer or your internet connection. Therefore, free registry cleaner programme can be used to analyze what is automatically running when you either connect your WiFi broadband or log onto your PC. The programs will stop starting up by themselves.

  1. Update your antivirus and web browser regularly 

Any type of expired antivirus software discontinues updating its library. This means that your computer will be vulnerable to any newly created spyware, malware and other viruses. These can slow down the computer and your WiFi connection. In most cases, it even uses your allocated bandwidth to either upload or download additional data.

So, in order to make your WiFi connection faster always ensure that your computer is fully protected by making sure that your antivirus programme is up to date.

  1. Find out your maximum WiFi connection speed

Before actually worrying about a problem with your broadband service, it is advisable to check the maximum internet speeds allocated to your WiFi connection package. For instance, if you signed up for a plan that might be having speeds up to 8Mbps, then it is unrealistic to anticipate for fast internet speed. But if you notice a huge difference in what is being promised and what is being offered, then there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

  1. Set a unique password for your WiFi router

Setting a unique password is important because without it anyone could access your allocated bandwidth which may cause your WiFi internet speed to gradually slow down. Furthermore, it can make your network vulnerable to attacks from hackers. So, always ensure that you use complex passwords for your WiFi router. This password should be a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. 

  1. Buy a newer router

If you try out all the methods and still face a slow connection, you might consider upgrading to a new router. New routers come with smart technology that can send stronger and better WiFi signals.

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How To Fix Slow Internet Connection

There are pros and cons to a slow internet connection. While it may sometimes give you an excuse to go outside and get some fresh air, at other times it may just hamper your productivity. Here are some quick tricks that might just fix your slow internet connection.

  1. Check your internet speed

Test the speed of your internet connection on Run a speed test and check if the speed of your internet connection matches the speed promised by your service provider. If the speed matches the numbers mentioned in the plan, you are paying for a slow connection. The solution here would be to switch to a different plan that gives you high speed. If the speed doesn’t match up, you can try other options.

  1. Troubleshoot your system

Reset your router and modem and see if it makes a difference. Check the speed of the internet on other computers and devices in your house. This will help you understand if the problem is just with your computer or other devices too. If you find the problem with your computer, you can follow a few troubleshooting steps to clearly understand if it is a hardware problem.

  1. Get rid of bandwidth-hoggers

A shared WiFi connection sometimes brings down the internet speed. When you are on a shared WiFi network, it is really difficult to determine who is using your WiFi and how much they are using. The most initial step is to talk to other internet users in the place about the matter. If that doesn’t work, you can try other options.

Use Wifi killer tools like Wifikill for Android or Netcut for PC. These tools give you full control of your WiFi network. You can see all the devices connected to the network and decide to kick them off the network when you find that they use the bandwidth excessively. This is definitely one of the most unethical yet effective ways to deal with the bandwidth hoggers in your network. Netcut for PC is one of the best online tools for this purpose.

  1. Check your WiFi signal

Very often your internet connection remains fine, but still, you face slow internet speed issues. Chances are you have a weak WiFi signal. A weak WiFi connection is often misunderstood for an internet connection problem. There are various reasons for a weak WiFi signal. One of the best ways to boost your WiFi signal is to set your router out in the open and make sure that there are no obstructions in between.

  1. Call Your Internet Service Provider

In case you have followed all the necessary troubleshooting steps and still face a slow connection, you simply need to call your internet service provider and check if the problem is on their end. If everything goes well, you will get back your internet speed. If not, you better change your service provider.

I hope you found this post helpful and informative. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!