Covid19 And The Use Of Masks

With the COVID19 outbreak still going strong around the world, pharmacies are running low on products on over the counter, flu-aids and masks in particular. Many people have rushed out to get them hoping that wearing a mask will keep them from getting the virus. It is even seen that people are using homemade masks to protect themselves. But scientific studies found out that these masks may not work as well as you’d think. A research panel suggested that covid19 patients must wear masks so that the virus does not infect healthy people around them through the droplets that come out when they sneeze or cough. The research also suggested that healthy people can wear FFP3 masks or at least an FFP2 mask to protect themselves, however, the use of a homemade mask is not advised.


So many people have rushed out to buy these masks and flu-related products this season that pharmacies are having trouble getting any more from their suppliers. Even doctors say that the people who should be wearing these masks are the ones who are already sick so that when they sneeze or cough, it doesn’t spread. For healthy patients, there are other better strategies to protect themselves. While the virus can be transmitted through droplets in the air, it’s also passed along on surfaces. So, doctors advise that frequent hand-washing and social distancing are the best ways to go. While masks could protect from some airborne pathogens if you’re in close contact with someone who already has the virus, after a while the condensation from your breath can make the mask ineffective. The protective barrier from the mask gets broken down.

There are several misconceptions out there about how you can get the virus. There is a myth among people that the virus can’t spread if you are feeling healthy. But, according to the World Health Organization, you can! About one-fourth of people carrying the virus are asymptomatic, i.e. they have no symptoms. Another myth is that the virus can spread from flies. But experts say that flies can’t transmit the infection. The only way of getting infected is actually being exposed to the virus. 

The most recent report from the World Health Organization shows that 80% of all COVID19 deaths have been to people aged 65 or older. The total number of people who have died since the start of coronavirus (COVID19) in December 2019 is over fifty thousand until the first week of April 2020. Almost the entire world has gone into lockdown mode due to the terror created by this virus.

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