Shungite – A real jewel

Shungite is one of the rarest crystals found on the planet. It is the only material to contain fullerenes in it. It plays a very vital role in our spiritual journey. As we know that in today’s modern world of technologies electromagnetic radiations are all over us and are causing a very adverse effect on our physical life, so to absorb the negative aspects of radiation we need an agent that can be used as a barrier against it and for this purpose Shungite is proved as the best shield that neutralizes the negative influence of this harmful radiations and essentially transforms the artificial EMFs into more compatible biological frequencies.


Shungite converts the Negative EMFs that come out of the electronic devices to positive energy. By keeping a piece of Shungite on our working table will provide us protection, carrying a piece of Shungite in our pocket or wearing an ornament made of Shungite in our body also provide the same positive effect. By daily wearing a Shungite bracelet on our wrist, we can ensure some energetic protection, no matter wherever we may be. Wearing Smart Watches creates lots of negative influence on our body so if we wear a Shungite bracelet along with it will neutralize the EMFs that the device emits.

Bracelets made of Shungite are very helpful in making the regular blood flow in our body. It is very useful in stress management. when a Shungite bracelet is worn at our left wrist the movement of blood starts from our left hand and moves to our brain which carries some carbonate type helpers which gets distributed to different parts of our cerebral system thereby improving the alpha and beta energy that is produced which in turn helps in memory restoration in our brain and in fact enables the strength energy of our brain to get energised. It enhances Libido and Stamina. It enhances the eyesight and helps the cerebellum to control the nervous system and the pulse gets energised. It works like a natural circuit in our body that processes current and as a result, increases energy levels, relieves anxiety and stress, energises and strengthens all the parts of our body and biofuels. Shungite attracts positive energy and brings calmness and joy to the person wearing it.

The use of Shungite bracelet definitely helps us to

  • Protect from geopathogenic events
  • Neutralize  electromagnetic waves
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Correct energy processes
  • Recharge and keep vitality in the human body.

Shungite in general is a god gift which eliminates viruses, increases vitality as well as heals many skin problems. Shungite has been called the medicine of the 21st century.

To keep our body protected from harmful diseases in this modern era the use of Shungite is very important. Ornaments made of Shungite are of various shapes, sizes and weight. Although it is a very unique material and originates only from Russia but can be easily bought by ordering online and also in many places it is available at the rock and the gem stores.