Sidhha yoga and its benefits

Yoga is a physical discipline. It utilizes the body and breathing to create self-awareness and mental clarity. Virtually everybody can see physical advantages from yoga, and its training can likewise give mental advantages. So, today I am going to discuss a form of Yoga that increases our inner spirituality and improves the overall functioning of the entire physical and emotional system. This Yoga is called Siddha Yoga.

In this day and age of confusion, many people wonder what Siddha Yoga is. We have to understand that through the corruption of knowledge and lineages for the past five-seven thousand years, there are droplets of true knowledge that is remained and this knowledge is in the form of transmission, this knowledge is to help the person or an individual who is mature by their own grace to get access to the source of inner knowledge. 

Siddha Yoga techniques use a variety of yoga practices to awaken and nurture the hidden energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine to all people. In Siddha yoga practice, students follow a series of yoga techniques, classical poses, chanting and mantras and shlokas, meditation and pranayama exercises with coordination. When the Kundalini Shakti (energy) is generated and fed, to travel along the spine and the seven chakras, each chakra activates and gets cleaned, as she ascends to the crown chakra. Powerful energy awakened Kundalini energy will benefit the practitioners of different levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Each chakra has its own energy make-up, design, and seed mantra. Correlated with all seven chakras are the organs and glands in their general vicinity. Moreover, as the Kundalini Shakti travels through each chakra, the spiritual powers or Siddhis can occur in the school. Powers such as clairvoyance and clairaudience are easily accessible for students. However, enlightened masters for years warned us not to touch siddhis, so the novelty of their power to ensure that we have the ultimate goal of God-realization can be obtained. When practicing Siddha yoga, it needs a lot of techniques to activate, purify, and balance all seven chakras.

One of the spearheads of Siddha Yoga is in pranayama, it’s a yogic breathing exercise. Breathing techniques can help you, stagnant energy, a move to bury deep into the surface, so that the tension and stress, which is stagnant energy.  Siddha Yoga practice is followed by a very specific sequence of yoga techniques, a song by the Adi Mantra, Pranayama, Asanas, or Kriyas Shavasana, mantra meditation and prayer to start.

All these practices are usually done with certain breathing exercises. The coordination of kriya and pranayama practice creates a synergistic relationship between the various systems of the body. The aim of the work is to isolate and purify several Kriyas, certain organs, glands, and muscles and eliminate toxins. This synergy will improve the overall functioning of the entire physical and emotional system of Siddha yoga practitioner.