A Brief Guide To The Rarest Imperial Topaz


Imperial topaz is otherwise called “valuable topaz”. It is the most looked for after common topaz. Considered to be the color of the setting sun, imperial topaz gets its name from the Russian tsars of the seventeenth century. This is on the grounds that the tsars guaranteed elite rights to the pink topaz gemstones that were mined in Russia. Imperial topaz is less regular than different kinds of normally occurring topaz, which makes it increasingly significant. Imperial topaz was customarily considered to be orange with red dichroism, (this implies when inclined in the light, imperial topaz can seem red or orange), however, these days it is all the more broadly characterized as yellow, pink, red, lavender-pink and peach-pink topaz. 

Identifying Imperial Topaz 

Imperial topaz is yellow, pink, or pink-orange. The normal pink assortment is extremely uncommon. Brazilian imperial topaz can go in color from splendid yellow to profound brilliant brown and is at times even violet. Imperial topaz can be recognized from other pink gems, for example, kunzite, tourmaline, sapphire, and ruby by its hardness (8 on the Mohs scale). Ruby and sapphire are harder, at 9, and kunzite and tourmaline are gentler. Yellow imperial topaz can likewise be identified by its hardness; citrine and brazilianite are milder. Apatite, fluorite, and zircon are gems that can show up in pink and yellow, however, they are gentler than topaz. Yellow and pink phenakite can be recognized from topaz by its trigonal gem structure. Spinel can be distinguished from topaz by its cubic precious stone structure. Yellow chrysoberyl is more diligently than imperial topaz and has a higher refractive record. Valuable beryl has undefined cleavage, in this manner recognizing it from imperial topaz, which showcases impeccable cleavage. 

Imperial Topaz Color 

Initially, imperial topaz was classified as orange with red dichroism. These days imperial topaz is characterized all the more generally to incorporate yellow, pink, red, lavender-pink, and peach-pink. Here and there, the color of imperial topaz can bit by bit blur after some time, when presented to daylight. 

Imperial Topaz Clarity and Luster 

Imperial topaz is straightforward to translucent. It shows high clearness with barely any considerations, so topaz gemstones can be analyzed by the unaided eye and saw as “eye clean”, which implies that no flaws can be seen. Imperial topaz is exceptionally valued for its splendor and vitreous (glassy) radiance. 

Imperial Topaz Cut and Shape 

Imperial topaz is an adaptable material. Therefore it very well may be cut into an incredible assortment of shapes, for example, square, round, octagon, pear, oval, heart, and even extravagant shapes. Unequivocally colored gemstones are typically scissor cut whereas pitifully colored stones are commonly splendidly cut. This best shows off the splendor and lucidity of the gems. When imperial topaz has unpredictable considerations, it is regularly a cabochon cut. The hardness of imperial topaz makes it impervious to scratches. Nonetheless, lapidarist must deal with topaz cautiously because of its ideal cleavage, which implies that it can easily crack. 

Imperial Topaz Treatment 

Imperial topaz isn’t typically rewarded or upgraded. Be that as it may, orange-brown imperial topaz can be heat-rewarded during a procedure known as “pinking”, which creates a purplish-pink color. Normally, Pink topaz is uncommon and is typically a pale shade of pink. It happens in Pakistan. Topaz can likewise be covered to create distinctive pink and mirror “imperial topaz”. Respectable diamond merchants consistently proclaim such medicines.

Shugnite Stone : Importance And Its Uses Against Radiations


Shungite is a black, glistening mineral that is made of more than 98% carbon. First discovered in the Karelia area of Russia close to the Shunga town, Shungite was first given the name in the late 1800s. Shungite itself, in any case, is evaluated to be a few billion years of age. Genuine Shungite likewise contains modest quantities of fullerenes, which is a tiny, empty, unadulterated carbon atom. 

Fullerenes are accepted to be a very powerful enemy of oxidant and are in effect overwhelmingly read for there are a huge number of advantages for both health, and nano-innovations. Shungite was initially made of practically unadulterated carbon, however today, the expression “Shungite” is being utilized to depict shakes and articles that contain some Shungite, yet are not unadulterated. 

EMF Protection 

Shungite is accepted to be able to ingest and totally kill the risky frequencies from EMF radiation. The reason that Shungite is accepted to have the option to do this is because of the fullerenes inside. 

Basically no materials on the planet contain these fullerenes, which are empty, unadulterated carbon, atoms. These remarkable particles are what researchers accept to enable shungite to square EMF radiation. 

One of the most valuable employments of the shungite is to ensure against electrical attractive fields, otherwise called EMFs. We are continually encircled by innovation—mobile phones, PCs, TVs, Wifi, and the rundown continues endlessly. Every one of these emanates man-made, EMFs. Numerous individuals experience EMF affectability, and EMFs have been linked to tightening of bloodstream to significant organs, helpless processing, and safe frameworks, increased circulatory strain, pulse and glucose, joint pain, nervousness, and despondency. Apple even has a disclaimer urging you to not hold your phone legitimately to your head. Luckily, there is protection from EMFs. 

Shungite has a notoriety of having the option to assimilate and kill these frequencies because of its segments on an atomic level. It is the main natural material in presence to have the nearness of empty atomic carbon confines, known as fullerenes, inserted inside this mineral, which permits it to kill the EMFs. Shungite emf protection is basic among individuals who accept that crystals can help in recuperating and shielding us from EMF radiations. 

Other Healing Properties of Shugnite 

It can purify water 

This is all because of the crystal’s carbon content. Shungite’s high carbon content goes about as a natural high-sifting limit with respect to water. Shungite can adjust water by purifying and empowering it in addition to advancing it with minerals. The water channels contain natural cancer prevention agents that kill free radicals, which makes it advantageous to our cells and tissues, alongside our safe capacity. There’s even science that backs up shungite for water purification, taking note of that it raises calcium, oxygen, magnesium, and other basic mineral substances to your basic H2O. 

It can assist you with feeling grounded 

Shungite is advantageous for your first, second, and third chakras. “Shungite is known for its capacity to help recuperate your lower chakras,” she says. “You may hear it called the ‘supernatural occurrence stone’ or ‘stone of life’ as it’s an impetus for development, change, and positive change. It fundamentally concentrates its energy on the first or root chakra, giving us a more grounded association with the earth, AKA feeling grounded.” It is likewise known to help vanquish negative energies and considerations, advance mental lucidity, increase individual power, and reduce profound lopsided characteristics.

Most Aggressive Hungarian Dog Breed


There are many dog breeds that begin from Hungary however the breeds are not all that aggressive when contrasted with huge numbers of the aggressive breeds on the planet. Notwithstanding, there are some Hungarian dog breeds that can be hazardous and aggressive now and again and one such breed is Kuvasz. 

Known for being delicate, protective, and easy to think about, the Kuvasz can be autonomous and aggressive and therefore needs immovability during the training and socialization period. The Kuvasz is a huge, white, group guarding dog who hails from Hungary. A one-family dog, they’re protective of their kin and dubious of outsiders. Dogs of this breed have an independent perspective and can be trying to prepare. 

The plural of Kuvasz is Kuvaszok in their local Hungarian. Despite the fact that this is a thoroughbred dog, you might have the option to discover them in safe houses and saves. Kuvaszok are large and protective, yet they likewise have a delicate side. They don’t prefer to be away from family for long, so they won’t do well with a proprietor who leaves them in an unfilled home for extended periods of the day. 

They’re additionally not an incredible fit for condo occupants, and they require an accomplished proprietor who can give them a lot of room to run. Be that as it may, if you have a major home and are up for the test, this little guy will make a phenomenal guard dog, a keen exercise buddy, and a loyal closest companion forever 


Kuvasz are guarding dogs, so they can be fairly dubious of outsiders and protective of family and home (be that family a herd of 100 sheep or two little kids). They would like to be a piece of a family and can be amazing family dogs if given legitimate training and socialization directly from the beginning. Kuvasz has a decent comical inclination and can be autonomous as accommodates their legacy. These are intelligent dogs and, with natural freedom, require a strong hand in training and broad socialization. 

  • Some Kuvasz can be aggressive and may not be fit as family colleagues, but instead ought to be domesticated animals guarding dogs on the range. Until they gain proficiency with their limits, they can tend to wander. 
  • Kuvasz can be furious in protecting their own, having looked down even such predators like mountain lions. Some can be aggressive and are not as reasonable as family pets. 
  • Destructive propensities, for example, unnecessary alert yelping and burrowing can result from insufficient human contact or incitement. Youthful Kuvasz needs a lot of exercises however that necessity reduces down with development. Kuvasz is normally athletic and fit. 
  • Socialization of dogs intended to be family members is significant and ought to be begun when the dog is youthful and proceeded all through the dog’s lifetime. Kuvasz ought to be presented to different dogs and creatures as well as individuals when youthful if they are to be family buddies. 

Prepping can be as little as once week by week or as frequently as day by day during shedding times. The white coat is coarse enough that mud and soil dismiss easily, leaving a spotless white dog underneath. As is basic with numerous other enormous breed dogs, the life length on a Kuvasz can be as short as eight to 10 years. Some of them have lived as long as 14 years, nonetheless.

What is luck?


When I was a kid, I had this notion about life that it would always give me what I was destined to get. I was leaning on destiny for most of the things I did. As a teenager, I would often argue with my close friends that we would only get what we were destined to get. The source of this thought was the myriad of talks I had overheard between my parents.

I was born into a financially deprived family. The talks that I grew up with made me believe that I was meant to be like my parents when I grow up. This was the most unfortunate thing to have happened to me. I started thinking that being financially deprived was my destiny. It was my luck.


However, all of these changed one day. It has Christmas and I was outside looking for some kind person to offer me some food or clothes. After having waited for about three hours near the church gate, a person showed some kindness and came towards me with a bag of goodies. He sat beside me on the bench I was sitting.

I supposed that he had brought some food or clothes for me. But, he had none. Instead, he took out some books and other things from the bag. I was confused. 

“What on earth made this person think that I would be interested in books on a Christmas evening?” I thought to myself.

Seconds later, he kept those books on the bench and said to me, “I know that you were not expecting this. It’s Christmas and you want toys, sweets and other things. But, trust me when I say this – There is nothing that can change your luck except these books.”

Having said that, he walked away.

It has been 10 years since that day. I have grown into someone I never believed I could be. Thanks to that random young man who gave me those books. They changed my life completely.

I have completed my education and I’m looking for a way to go to Canada. I have supported my education and now I want to support the education of a lot of other kids who are made to believe in luck.

The funny thing about luck is that it is not just kids who believe in it. Even some well-educated adults like to think that they will get lucky someday and everything will change. I know someone who applies for Canada DV lottery every year. Just like me, he wasn’t to go to Canada too. But unlike me, he sorts to try his luck in Canada DV lottery rather than becoming more skilled and gaining more work experience. I wish good for him, but I know that relying on luck and not doing real work won’t help him.

As I’m typing this blog post, someone has just dropped a mail in my mailbox. I don’t believe in luck, but I’m pretty sure it is related to my Canada immigration application. I must have got the approval. Well, this is a surprise that I will disclose in my future blog post. For now, take care and stop trying your luck.

Is crystal healing a viable solution to health problems?


The world, as we know it, has advanced very much in terms of medical and holistic healing approach. Medical science has boomed in recent years. Many new discoveries of medicines have made it convenient for people to get treated sooner than they used to be. Alternative medicines have cropped up extensively in the past few years. Amidst all these, there is an ancient method of holistic healing that is still in use in the modern-day world. This healing technique is popularly known today at crystal healing.

Crystal healing is popular in many parts of the world. There are many who wonder if this form of healing and treatment is the replacement of modern medicines and treatments.


In this article, we have covered the various arguments that conclude that crystal healing is a solution to many health problems but still not a replacement of the core medicinal treatments in the streamline.

To understand this better, let’s get back to the basics. Let’s understand how crystal healing became a trend in the first place. Crystal healing had been in the world since people initially started taking an interest in rocks and minerals. With the discovery of new forms of rocks, people started studying this intensely and many even started polishing them to make them look better. The shine in the rocks made people more interested in exploring this.

As time passed, people started exploring the metaphysical features of these rocks, which were then given specific names.

Many different forms of rocks were discovered. Out of the many forms of rocks, quartz was considered to be more useful and beneficial to humans. Natural quartz has certain metaphysical and healing properties in them which make them more demanding in the market. However, people have also started creating more formations of rocks through certain alchemical processes. These crystals formed as a result of a human-made process are known as Aura quartz crystals. These crystals have the properties of natural quartz and also derive the features from the metals used in making these crystals. Out of the many forms of aura quartz crystals, I like the Aqua aura quartz more. Aqua aura quartz has a beautiful surface, which makes it alluring and deeply captivating.

While natural and human-made crystals do have properties for healing the human mind, body and soul, they are not licensed to be used as a replacement for mainstream medicines or treatments. They can only be used as assistance to help people go through major illnesses and get out of it with trust and belief. However, there are certain diseases that can be cured through crystal healing. These are not major diseases and you can use crystals as the main source of treatment for this kind of disease.

However, we always suggest you use these crystals with precaution. Make sure to consult your physician or general doctor before using these crystals as the main form of medication.

Why Are People Interested In Buying Fake Diamonds?

There are numerous diamond options that have come to advertise as of late, and at times, individuals could allude to these as “fake” “manufactured,” “recreated” or “imitation diamond“. Reenacted diamonds are stones that alone seem as though diamonds, like cubic zirconia, white sapphire, moissanite, zircon, rutile, spinel, and manufactured garnet. Individuals for the most part purchase diamond rings for engagement or commemoration purposes however do you truly require a unique diamond ring to demonstrate your affection and worth? One of the reasons diamonds are so costly is that they are for all intents and purposes indestructible. Do you need your engagement ring to truly keep going forever? Here are some reasons to not choose the real diamonds and go for the synthetic ones.

Diamond Miner

It’s Beautiful 

Why hold up until you get connected to wear one of the most beautiful things of jewelry you’ll ever observe? Diamonds and their cheap other options, reproduced diamonds, are verifiably lovely. The play of light and color in an appealing setting is a unique bit of jewelry. A reproduced diamond brings this alluring jewelry thing into the value scope of designer jewelry. You can even have reenacted diamonds in settings with other colored gemstones. Have jewelry to go with different outfits and temperaments. 

Lose It and Don’t Cry 

A few people are clumsy. Others are prone to lose things. They are continually losing phones, keys, and different things. The vast majority of these things are disturbing and badly designed things to lose however you get over it. Losing an engagement ring is less insignificant. The wistful worth and the monetary worth make losing an engagement ring sad. A phony engagement ring removes the dread and blame from losing an over the top expensive ring.

Travel Security 

While you might be happy with wearing a genuine diamond engagement ring at home, when on an extended get-away or voyaging a reenacted diamond might be the reasonable substitute. Regardless of whether you ransacked you won’t feel a similar degree of agony as you feel if there should be an occurrence of genuine diamond jewelry. While making a trip to any piece of the world attempt to convey counterfeit diamonds with you so you may not feel the blame subsequent to getting ransacked. It isn’t compulsory that you may get looted however avoiding potential risk is in every case better. 

Stops Speculation 

It is safe to say that you are besieged by inquisitive inquiries concerning your relationship status? You may feel glad to tell individuals yet you may likewise feel that it’s none of their business. You may have no expectation of consistently being hitched, have as of late isolated, or simply would prefer not to talk about it. Wear a cheap however sensible phony engagement ring and keep away from the inquiries. 

Choose Together Later 

Purchasing an engagement ring can be an unpleasant activity. Consider the possibility that you get the choice wrong. Regardless of whether you could get over the inconvenience of being told she detests the ring you picked what do you do about it? A diamond engagement ring is a costly thing. Supplanting the failure that you purchased is going to hurt. Try not to chance to buy a diamond engagement ring she may loathe. Propose a sensible fake engagement ring. If she says yes then congrats and when time allows and spending plan permits, look for a genuine article together.

Kind Of Food Items That Cockroaches Enjoy


Cockroach infestations don’t simply show up for reasons unknown, however, it can appear that way. Regular cockroaches are quite often pulled in by human exercises, for example, food. When they do set up themselves, in any case, disposing of a cockroach infestation can be extremely hard. The creatures are entirely versatile and are pulled in by many different things. This is the reason comprehending what pulls in them is critical to see how to evade them. 

What do cockroaches eat then? In the first place, remember that cockroaches will eat nearly anything. Regardless of whether it’s natural products, trash, vegetables, or significantly different insects, cockroaches will live off whatever they find. They can even make dye off hair, ruined garments, fingernail clippings, or spots of oil.

In any case, examinations show that cockroaches like to eat certain nourishments. Like people, they eat a fair eating routine if one is accessible. Starches and high protein nourishments are especially alluring. Here are the sorts of nourishments that cockroaches love most: 


Sugar is one of the most impressive cockroaches draws. Indeed, cockroaches are pulled into sugar to the exclusion of everything else. Keep any sugar utilized for preparing or making tea firmly fixed, something else, cockroaches may get into it. Juice and soft drink likewise draw in cockroaches because of the high sugar focus. They will handily smell a dried sweet beverage on the floor. Organic products, as well, are stuffed loaded with regular sugar — cockroaches love eating natural products from the rubbish along these lines. They’ll additionally eat prepared products, candy, and whatever else sweet. 


Cockroaches love starch so much that they here and there eat book ties, which contain starch. Additionally, they can eat cardboard and paper, for example, disposed of pizza boxes or paper sacks that contain food. 


Oil is a prepared wellspring of fat, and cockroaches can benefit from it almost all over. Oil is difficult to wipe off, yet cockroaches will benefit from the oil film found on stove hoods or a divider close to where somebody has utilized a griddle. This implies it’s indispensable to expel oil from your oven zone — cockroaches follow lubing with energy. 


Cockroaches are omnivorous scroungers and will expend any natural food source accessible to them. Cockroaches love cheddar, particularly since it regularly creates a solid smell. Little particles of cheddar lying around will draw in cockroaches, as will spoiling cheddar in the refuse. 


Meat is an amazing wellspring of fat and protein for the normal cockroach. They are incredibly pulled in to the smell of meat, and they will discover small bits of chicken, hamburger, or different meats that people probably won’t notice. Meat extras from dinners that are forgotten about firmly pull in cockroaches. If you spill meat during cooking and little pieces are left on the floor, cockroaches will show up and search it out. 


Trash is a significant wellspring of nourishment for cockroaches. The solid smell of fertilizer and trash brings cockroaches searching for supper, and you ought to never go out for any period of time. The truth of the matter is that any sort of natural issue is nourishment for a cockroach, and a trash pack is to them a smorgasbord. Along these lines, it tends to be useful to have waste disposal so as to reduce the measure of food squanders left around.

How You Can Increase Your One Rep Max?


Once in awhile, you can’t resist: On specific lifts, regardless of whether it’s a deadlift or a biceps twist, you simply need to feel more grounded. The uplifting news is you can improve your one-rep max on any lift you like. Also, far and away superior training for unadulterated strength now and again does really add to your general size and strength and you can really gauge your strength with the specific calculator online, as for your one-rep max you can Click Here and look at your strength. 1RM in any exercise can really increment in four different manners: 

  1. Strategy

At the point when the procedure in a lift is improved, this implies the competitor has gotten increasingly proficient at the exercise. Despite the fact that there is an expansion in the weight on the bar, and therefore an expansion in 1RM, the muscles don’t adjust how much power they are delivering. 

Right off the bat, it more likely than not assists with working with an accomplished strength mentor, who can give recommendations on the best way to change your present procedure to make your lifting increasingly proficient. 

Besides, Using lighter weights for this training is probably not going to be as helpful, since the central player muscles are composed in different manners relying upon the heap that is on the barbell. 

Thirdly, it might likewise assist with embracing an outside focal point of consideration. Some examination shows that developments, for example, hops become progressively effective when competitors receive this center, as opposed to centering inside. 

  1. Intermuscular Coordination

Intermuscular coordination can be expanded after strength training, which makes your muscles work all the more proficiently with each other. 

Intermuscular coordination is improved in two fundamental manners. 

Initially, enhancements in intermuscular coordination can happen among contradicting and synergist muscles, in light of improved parity in the specific exercise. 

While shifts among rival and synergist muscle enactment happen normally as parity improves, opponent muscle initiation can be additionally diminished by performing high-speed varieties of a similar exercise. 

Besides, upgrades in intermuscular coordination can happen between agonist’s muscles, for example, between the three hip muscles in the squat and deadlift. 

  1. Voluntary Enactment 

Increments in Voluntary enactment happen when the focal sensory system expands the size of the sign to the muscle, and this permits a bigger number of engine units to be enrolled, thus the muscle is all the more completely actuated and delivers more power. 

Heavy loads, high powers, and supramaximal whimsies cause the best increments in deliberate enactment during strength training. These training strategies all include presenting the muscle to exceptionally high powers, which is likely the improvement that causes the key adjustment. 

Since they include presenting the muscle to a degree of power that it would not in any case be presented during typical strength training. 

  1. Muscle-Tendon Unit

MTUs improve their capacity to deliver power by expanding in size, yet in addition through: 

  • an expansion in tendon stiffness, 
  • increments in the number of horizontal connections between the muscle fiber and its encompassing collagen layer, 
  • increments in muscle size at specific locales of the muscle. 

Muscle size reacts best to high volumes of strength training, however, the genuine burden isn’t applicable inasmuch assets are performed close to disappointment. So also, tendons increment their stiffness once the load is over a specific limit, implying that while genuinely substantial burdens are required, maximal burdens are most certainly not.

What Are Roman Numerals? How To Read & Use Them In Real?


What Is The Roman Numeral System? 

Roman numeral, any of the images utilized in a system of numerical documentation dependent on the antiquated Roman system. The images are I, V, X, L, C, D, and M, standing separately for 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 in the Hindu-Arabic numeral system

Reading Roman Numerals 

The numerals are set from left to right, and the request for the numerals decides if you add or subtract the qualities. If at least one letter is set after a letter of more noteworthy worth, you add. If a letter is put before a letter of more noteworthy worth, you subtract. For instance, VI = 6 since V is higher than I. Be that as it may, IV = 4 since I is lower than V. 

There are a number of different guidelines identified with Roman numerals. For instance, don’t utilize a similar image multiple occasions in succession. With regards to subtracting sums, just powers of 10 are subtracted, similar to I, X, or C, yet not V or L. For instance, 95 isn’t VC. 95 is XCV. XC equals 100 less 10, or 90, so XC in addition to V, or 90 in addition to 5, equals 95. 

Likewise, just one number can be subtracted from another. For instance, 13 isn’t IIXV. It’s anything but difficult to perceive how the thinking would be: 15 less 1. In any case, observing the standard, it rather is XIII or 10 in addition to 3. 

You likewise can’t subtract a number from one that is in excess of multiple times more noteworthy. You can subtract 1 from 10 (IX) however you can’t subtract 1 from 100; there is no such number as IC. You would rather compose XCIX (XC + IX, or 90+9). For bigger numbers in the thousands, a bar put on the letter or series of letters increases the numeral’s an incentive by 1,000: 

Drawbacks Of Roman Numerals 

Roman numerals are not without blemishes. For instance, there is no image for zero, and it is highly unlikely to figure parts. This blocked the capacity to build up an all-around comprehended, complex math system and made exchanging increasingly difficult. In the long run, Roman numerals offered a route to the more flexible Arabic or Hindu numeral system, where numbers are perused as a solitary number in succession, as 435 as 400 thirty-five. 

How Are They Used Now? 

As the Roman Empire fell a thousand years after the fact, Christianity, kept on utilizing the way of life’s number system. 

Today, Roman numerals show up in building foundations and film credits and titles. They are additionally utilized in names of rulers, popes, dispatches, and games, similar to the Olympics and the Super Bowl. 

Roman numerals are utilized in space science to assign moons and in science to indicate gatherings of the Periodic Table. They can be found in tables of substance and in original copy diagrams, as upper-and lower-case Roman numerals break data into an effortlessly sorted out structure. The music hypothesis utilizes Roman numerals in documentation images. 

These utilizations are more because of tasteful reasons than utilitarian purposes. Cosmetically, Roman numerals pass on a feeling of history and agelessness, which is particularly evident in clocks and watches.

Roman Numeral Date Converter is also widely used in this modern world as many people are not aware of this historic number system. It can be used for many purposes like buildings and people. 

All About Bengal Cats


Bengal cats are hybrids created by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat, a small jungle-dwelling wild cat, with domestic cats such as the Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian, Burmese, and, more recently, the American Shorthair. A Bengal cat is considered domestic, or SBT (stud book tradition), once it is at least four generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat ancestor. SBT Bengals are loving and devoted companions. They enjoy people tremendously; some say they are more like dogs than cats! They have remarkably stable temperaments, probably because early developers of the breed insisted on breeding for personality as well as looks. And, speaking of personality, Bengals are bubbling over with it – they love to jump, dabble in water, fetch a ball, or simply nestle on your shoulder. Bengals can jump over five feet when an enticing toy inspires them!


Bengal cats do not behave like wildcats – not in any negative sense of the word. They have retained the prowess and intelligence of the Asian Leopard Cat, yet they have the loving and affectionate nature of a domestic cat. Bengals are not destructive! In fact, their alert intelligence allows them to be unusually responsive to training. Hence, all the testimony from Bengal owners of their cats walking with a harness and leash, enthusiastically jumping hurdles in agility contests, fetching on command…the list is only limited by gravity and your imagination!

Bengal cats are available in the two drawing variants spotted (spotted) and marbled (marble). In addition, these appear in different colors. The contrast between the basic color and the color of the pattern should be as high as possible, regardless of the drawing. The basic color of the brown Bengal cat varies from yellow to red to golden.

Since in Bengal cat the color darkens until around the age of four, a yellow base color is considered ideal at birth. The color of the polka dots varies widely between jet black, dark brown, and rust-brown. The darker this is in contrast to the basic color, the stronger the contrast, of course. The size of the spots is also important for the contrast. Every spot size is permissible as long as it stands out well from the base color.

In addition to the wildcat-like brown color, the Bengal cat is also available in the colors Silver and Snow. The Snow Bengal cat is further divided into three color variants- Seal Sepia, Seal Mink and Seal Lynx. Like most of the Bengal Cats, the Snow Bengal Cat also comes in two marking patterns- marbled and spotted.

However, do not expect your Bengal cat to do any certain trick. Bengals are individuals; that are part of their charm. For instance, some will dive in the bathtub with you, while others prefer to daintily dip their paws under a running faucet. Like people, each Bengal is unique, complete with his or her own special traits. In short, we love these wonderful, quirky cats; and, looking back, we can’t imagine how boring our lives were without them!