Barter Lessons!


Arya and Jaime were hanging around in a park..they were roaming around in the park, chattering away, discussing about everything under the sun

Arya: Dude, what kind of sport do you like?

Jaime: Umm..I’ve never been a sporty kind of a person..always loved dancing though.

Arya: Okay, but you must have played something when you were a kid.

Jaime: Ahh, no..never been really into sports..always a dancer.

Arya: Okay..I have never been interested in dancing. It’s like I have two left feet.

Jaime: Hahahaha..oh my god you seriously do? That’s so cute. Anyway, if you want, I can teach you how to dance..I mean not bragging but I’m quite good at it.

Arya: Umm..I don’t wanna break my leg..I will surely either hurt myself of atleast someone in the dancing hall if I decide to get my groove on..and yes, you did brag!

Jaime: Hey! Hey! Don’t be so hostile on yourself..I’m sure you’re better than you think you are..come on let me teach you how to dance..we will start with Jazz..okay?

Arya: Alright, alright..if it means that much to you, I will.

Jaime: Yayiee! Okay.. tomorrow morning 7 a.m come to the studio near the church..okay?

Arya: Ugh! 7 a.m..isn’t that like midnight?

Jaime: No bro, it’s early morning and all bright and would surely like it. Be there on excuses.

Arya: Okay, okay! Chill Mr Punctual.. I will be there! My mom would probably think that I saw a ghost that is why I am up so early..she will be shocked to see me in the morning.

(Next morning Arya and Jaime meet at the dance studio at 7.30 a.m)

Jaime: You’re late Arya..anyway.. let’s start with the workout first.

Arya: Workout? What? I thought we were dancing.

Jaime: Yes we are..but we need to warm up your body first..we will do half an hour workout and then dance for another half an hour.. okay?

Arya: Damn! Okay.

(After the workout)

Arya: I should’ve taken you seriously,bro..I mean you are so flexible and you have so much of strength..I feel like a hundred years old right knees are killing me..and there’s still the dance session to go(sweats like a pig)

Jaime: Haha thanks for the acknowledgement, bro.. dancing or not..try to workout and move your body daily in order to keep yourself healthy and well, in your case..of age! (laughing hysterically) Anyway, let’s start with the basics of dancing.

(After the dancing session)

Arya: Okay, this was not as bad as I thought .I think I am a decent dancer.. isn’t it?
Jaime(in a fix) : Sure..if you say so! Anyway, I’ll train you good..Arya! You’re in good hands and under awesome training..I promise.

Arya: Can I do something in return, please? I insist. I want to share my talent too!

Jaime: Umm..yes you can! You have that friend of yours..Dany..I saw him using a penny board in the park the other day.. I need a way to transport myself (on a budget) and I couldn’t think of a better way other than penny board..can you reach out to him and get a guide on how to ride a penny board? I will read it and learn how to ride one.

Arya: Why to read, dude? I know how to ride a penny board..and not to brag, I am quite proficient at it..I could teach you.

Jaime: Oh yayie! This is so exciting..and you did brag! But I hope I’m not wasting your time.

Arya: No way darling.. you’re on..we will meet tomorrow in the skate park..6 p.m. sharp.. don’t be late..I hate late comers(sarcastically)

Jaime: Aye, aye Captain! Will be there..see ya for now..bye!

Arya: Bye, Bye!

Some Lesser Known Facts About Pinterest


On Pinterest, users can share images, videos, and links to their websites. Users can post anything and see everything here on Pinterest. Everything is public here and this is the best part of using this social media platform. Users can save everything on their boards or download every image on their device very easily but if you want to download videos, it becomes a little difficult, so users can utilize Pinterest Video Downloader and download any video on Pinterest.

Everything that you use in your life has some known features that are clearly visible and known to you but on the other hand, there are some hidden facts that people do not know. Pinterest is a very popular social media platform used by many people across the globe for many different purposes. Some people use it as a tool to get more visitors for their original content but some use it for some. Look at the points below and see whether you know these facts about Pinterest or not.

More Than 250 Million Plus Pins

There are more than 250 million pins present on Pinterest and the actual numbers are still unknown. So, here you will be able to find everything that you won’t see, whether it is some kind of Spanish food recipe or the most underrated but attractive holiday locations.

Women Centric Social Media Platform

More than 72 percent of women are there on Pinterest and this is the most women-centric social media platform. Girls like to watch new clothes, fashion accessories, and different styling things and Pinterest is full of posts like this. 

Most Of The Users Are Young

Here more than 85 percent of users are young and on average most users lie between the age group of 18 to 30 years. You will rarely find people who are above 40 years of age on Pinterest. 

Engagement On Pins Lasts Longer

If you post something on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that the posts will be showing engagement for a few days, or you can say it can last a week. But when you pin anything on Pinterest, it can retain the engagement for more than 3 months. 

One Of The Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms

Pinterest has shown immense potential in growth compared to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook but it comes to the second spot right after Tumblr, in terms of growth as an emerging social media place.

Good For Driving Large Sales

If you are able to get more repins, comments, and saves for a very long time, you are definitely going to generate more sales as well. 80 percent of the people who come here are influenced by the pins and they do not hesitate in spending money if they find your product useful.

Even Related Pins Brings More Than 40 Percent Engagement

Suppose you search for some kind of pin, then you will see that some related pins appear as well with that pin. And here on Pinterest, those pins account for more than percent engagement and bring you more views and repins.  

Can Bring More Views For Your Website Through Repins

It is believed that on average a pin on Pinterest gets repins almost about 11 times and brings you more than 6-7 website visits. This means if you post more content here, you are more like;y to get website visits and unique users every day without paying for any promotions.

Understand Different Type Of Social Media Influencers


With the rise in new startups and the great reach of social media platforms, social media influence has grown severely and many people are becoming social media sensation and getting paid for promoting different brands or startups on their social media accounts. There are many kinds of social media influencers who deal in different niches and promote specific kinds of products only. 

You can be a social media influencer too, if you have at least 1k followers on your Instagram you could start as a nano influencer, and with more views and branded content on your profile, you will grow as a social media influencer soon. There are different categories of influencers and to understand all the types of social media influencers, you can read the information provided below.

Blogger And Vloggers

These people are the most common type of influencer you will see nowadays on social media. Most of the bloggers and vloggers are into lifestyle, styling, entertainment, and fashion industry and they share their real-life experiences, product reviews, and even their daily lifestyle with people through social media posts, videos and stories. They get paid for every brand promotion and as they have a large audience who watches them regularly. Some of the big names in this field include Diipa Khosla, Neil Patel, and Komal Pandey. 

Social Media Stars

Basically, these are the people that get fame on social media by their acts or by showing their daily life to the people. There are many people who just share glimpses of daily life and ask people questions regarding specific daily life things. Once their content gets recognition by the users they are able to influence people through their social media posts, stories or messages. They play a huge role if you want to grab more audience for your product as they are in constant touch with their audience and whatever they say, people who follow them hear them out.

Television Stars

Television stars are already popular, people due to their screen presence and everyone knows about them. They act as influencers for the people who regularly follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, or Snapchat. Even they enjoy great brand deals from many companies but not as much as bloggers and vloggers. They always have a huge fan following and that’s what helps them in getting in touch with the people and let them inform about certain services or products.


People like athletes, high profile actors, sportspersons, musicians fall under this category and there is no doubt that they have the most engaged followers in their account. They have the most convincing power as compared to any of the influencers. They can make a huge impact on any company’s performance just by promoting the brand through their official social media account. Though approaching them is very difficult but if you are able to get in touch with them you are surely going to get a major boost in your performance. 


Social media activists are those people who stand for some cause and have a very loyal and dedicated audience who supports them in all their decisions. Those who follow them are always with the cause and that’s why people who are their followers always support them with all the things they do. Someone who is against the cause won’t follow them and won’t support their work. So, getting brand promotion done from these can ensure a very good engagement of people.

Key Differences Between Two And Four Stroke Engines


As the pollution levels have gone up in recent times, it is necessary to reduce the pollution by taking some steps to avoid the emission of fuels into the environment and stop the environment from getting polluted. All the vehicles that run on fuels like petrol and diesel need more refined engines, in that case, to lower down the pollution levels created by engines.

Talking about the two-stroke and four-stroke engines here, both these engines are popularly seen in auto-rickshaws, but now mostly you will see the four-stroke engines being the most dominant in the market when it comes to auto rickshaws. When the production of auto rickshaws was started, they came with a petrol and diesel engine that was not even two-stroke or four strokes and created a lot of pollution.

After some time due to more requirements of the rickshaws in the market, companies decided to make a two-stroke engine to bring down the pollution levels from auto-rickshaws. They did really well and after some time more four-stroke engines were introduced that were more refined than the two-stroke engines. Now, four-stroke engines based auto rickshaws are the most commonly used and purchased vehicles in India. Click Here if you are willing to buy an auto rickshaw for yourself or for your business. Some major differences in these engines are responsible for this change and some of the key differences are listed below.

What Is A Four Stroke Engine?

In a 4-stroke engine, the cylinder finishes 2-strokes during every insurgency: one pressure stroke and one fumes stroke, each being trailed by a bring stroke back. The spark plugs fire just once every other insurgency, and force is delivered each 4-strokes of the cylinder. These engines likewise don’t need pre-blending of fuel and oil, as they have a different compartment for the oil. 

What Is A Two-Stroke Engine?

In a 2-stroke engine, the whole ignition cycle is finished with only one cylinder stroke: a pressure stroke followed by the blast of the packed fuel. During the return stroke, the fumes are let out and a new fuel blend enters the chamber. The spark plugs fire once each and every transformation, and force is delivered once every 2-strokes of the cylinder. Two-stroke engines additionally require the oil to be pre-blended in with the fuel.

Differentiating Between The Two Engines

  • To the extent proficiency goes, the 4-stroke unquestionably wins. This is because of the way that fuel is burned-through once every 4 strokes. 
  • Four-stroke engines are heavier; they gauge as much as half in excess of a practically identical 2stroke engine. 
  • Ordinarily, a 2-stroke engine makes more force at a higher RPM, while a 4-stroke engine makes a higher force at a lower RPM. 
  • The 4-stroke engine is likewise a lot calmer, a 2-stroke engine is essentially stronger and has an unmistakable, sharp “humming” sound. 
  • Since 2-stroke engines are intended to run at a higher RPM, they likewise will in general destroy quicker; a 4-stroke engine is for the most part more solid. That being said, 2-stroke engines are all the more impressive. 
  • Two-stroke engines are a lot more straightforward plan, making them simpler to fix. They don’t have valves, yet rather ports. Four-stroke engines have more parts, along these lines, they are more costly, and fixes cost more. 
  • Four-strokes are all the more harmless to the ecosystem; in a 2-stroke engine, consumed oil is likewise delivered into the air with the fumes.

The Best Gift!


So, even if Valentine’s day is gone..isn’t it necessary to know that giving gifts only pertains to this particular day..I mean birthdays, anniversaries or just no occasion can be good enough to give your loved ones a thoughtful yet precious gift. It is true that everyone wants to feel it men or what is better than giving gifts to your loved ones that actually might scream I LOVE YOU.

  • Clothes: It might feel simple and common, but clothes are something that everyone uses, right? I least clothes won’t be lying in a corner and act useless..they can be worn and used whenever your partner likes. (Might as well take care about the size, styles, colors of the clothes you will help you know that what style your partner prefers to wear)
  • Perfumes: Who doesn’t likes to smell good? I mean obviously, no one would like to smell like a rotten perfumes are a perfect gives you the extra edge if you know exactly what kind of scent your partner would like. Some would like a mild, fruity scent and some would like a strong, effective choose wisely!
  • Customized gifting; Just to give your gifts an extra personal touch, you can make something personalized..that is, a tee with your picture on it, a photo album, a photo bouquet,name albums,photo frames, photo cubes and what not..there are so many vendors and artists that offer a whole lot of range(that too, insanely creative) to gift something thoughtful for your loved ones.
  • Skin care range: Seriously, this would be an awesome gift because everyone likes to take care of their skin, but unfortunately don’t have the time to buy or get it skincare products can be a thoughtful can visit to know about their various products and the wide range they offer.
  • Books: If your loved ones are into reading, books are the best gift(it would be a bonus if you were able to find some first edition books)
  • Food items: If your partner is a food lover, give them goodies like cookies, chocolates, chips, etc..I am sure it would be consumed within minutes(I would surely do that)
  • Fitness equipment: Nowadays almost everyone is a fitness enthusiast and everyone likes to exercise and stay fit and fitness related items like fitness gear or dumbbells or any training gear could prove to be an excellent gift.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry is something that can elevate any look, so having a lot of it very essential..gifting your partner exquisite jewelry might seem to be a really good idea.
  • Gadgets: If your loved one is into the latest gadgets and is a tech freak, so giving him/her the latest it a phone/tab/laptop/Xbox, etc is the best option. It is a long term gift that these things are usually used for a very long time.
  • Pet: Your loved one might love the idea of getting a pet as a birthday can find out their preference and gift them the kind of pet they can be a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, etc.

Sometimes, showing that you love and care becomes very important, so gifting even the smallest of things might uplift your partner’s feelings for might sound materialistic but it surely shows that you care!

High Paying Online Casino Games


Casino games are going viral day by day. People from every corner of the world are gradually getting in touch with casino games. As people are getting obsessed with casino games, the number of expensive casinos are rising day by day. With the widespread use of the internet, online casinos have come into existence where people from anywhere can take part in casino games and sweepstakes. But have you ever wondered that among so many types of online casino games, which are the most high paying or highly rewarding online casino games?

In this article, I am going to discuss this topic. I have gathered some information on 7 of the high paying online casino games and I will share those with you. So, let’s get started.

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most liked and popular casino games among gamblers around the globe. This game offers high betting and winning opportunities for players. There are plenty of online variants of this game that can earn you some large payouts upon winning.

2. Casino Poker


Casino Poker is another game that can enable you to grab huge winnings if your luck favours you. Instead of playing against other players, you can opt to play against the casino and generate handsome profits.

3. Slot Games

Just like slot games in casinos, there are online slot machines that offer high payouts on winnings. You can also grab a jackpot if you get lucky. There are many online casinos that offer you to play slot games online. 

4. Roulette

Roulette is one of the highest paying casino games. You can place high bets and derive high winning opportunities.

5. Progressive Casino Games

Progressive slot games can give you huge winnings and in fact, you could win millions if it is your lucky day. Online progressive casino games are considered one of the best paying online games and can prove to be a life changing game if you hit a jackpot.

6. Craps

Craps is a classic dice game that can be commonly found on many virtual casino sites. Playing craps on web platforms can generate huge earning potential for you.

7. Sicbo

It is another type of dice game that is available on online casinos. You can earn huge winnings by predicting the numbers before the dice is rolled out.

Online casino games can give you high rewards but, there is always a risk factor of losing. You could easily lose your hard-earned money by gambling. However, if you are keen to earn money online without much hard work and less risk factor, then there are other options as well. You can participate in online quizzes and earn decent money. There are many platforms that offer you to play quiz or solve puzzles and generate great earning opportunities. Nowadays, even tv shows like Wheel of Fortune are offering chances for viewers to take part in online game shows and win huge by solving puzzles and by spinning wheel. There are websites that can make your game easier by assisting you to find answers to puzzles. Click here to find one of the most trustworthy websites that will help you to win the Wheel of Fortune game.

Marvel Encyclopedia to the Rescue!


Unaware of the movie world I was happily spending my time by doing my job and well, doing yoga(I got quite proficient in it..I was even able to stand on my head) and then I used to cook and then got back to bed by 10 p.m. , ready for the next day. ..then I met my best friends of eight years after a long, long time- we lived in different cities(both of them are absolute retards, I must say..why, that you’ll get to know as you read on).

I met them and as usual we had plans to stuff our faces with delectable food and gossip about people we hate..while we were enjoying, they introduced me to the Marvel world..I had no clue about Marvel characters so they asked me to start reading the comics they, one of them asked me to read Captain America first, but then the other one argued that I should start with Iron Man.

This conversation very easily changed into an argument..both of them argued about which comic is the ideal beginner one..the first one suggested Captain America because she wanted me to move ahead in a chronological order and the other one wanted me to read Iron Man first because she wanted me to build my interest first and then go ahead with the other comics..the argument then moved onto their favorite Avenger..the first one loved Black Widow and the other one loved Thor..and in the middle of these fools arguing, I was confused about what were they talking about.

I yelled at them to stop arguing and declared that I will read Marvel movies and watch Marvel movies according to my own sweet will(I wasn’t much of a reader, but decided to give comic reading a try) which they both had to reluctantly agree..then I went ahead and asked my other friends..all of them confused me even more and I just couldn’t resolve the issue..then once while surfing the internet about Marvel, I came across Marvel Encyclopedia..I thought of going through the encyclopedia, judge the character arc of all the Marvel comics and then watch and read them accordingly.

I got the Marvel encyclopedia and started reading it after my yoga classes…as I moved through the encyclopedia, things started to get interesting,I got indulged in it so much so that I had no awareness about what was going around me..I started missing my yoga classes..I started sleeping late, I even woke up till 4 a.m. to complete what I was doing and took a fake sick leave(I know it’s wrong but it was the first one in three years) to read in peace.

After reading the encyclopedia, I was so indulged in reading the comics that I didn’t even wait for a day and got all the comics that I could lay my hands on..and finally, I started reading the comics in a chronological order, I even saw the movies..I must say what an exhilarating experience it was to witness such an amazing variation of characters..just one thing bad happened to me in this process- my schedule got screwed up bad..really bad! 

Things To Know If You Are Dating A Gemini


Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury with an air sign. The green emerald is considered to be the birthstone for these zodiacs as they are always associated with the color green. Geminin is strong minded people and they love to be around people who are honest and speak their heart out. This is what they want from their partners in relationships. If you have a friend who is a Gemini then you must know that they are intellectual, witty, unique, and energetic in nature.

There are some signs who are very close to Gemini and who are the most compatible like Gemini and Aquarius friendship compatibility is considered the best while Scorpio and Gemini friendship come in the least compatible signs. But compatibility with the least sign can also be maintained if you are able to cope up and live up to each other’s expectations and accept the other person. So if you are already dating a Gemini or you are attracted to a Gemini then here are some things that you may need to know about these people. 

Let Them Have Their “Me” Space

Gemini people are very friendly and they always provide others with warm and good feelings. But, if that person is in a bad mood or if he is feeling down due to some reason, let them be in their free space and let them fix things like the way they want it. Do not go near them and try to get into their space at that point as they can get triggered very easily. They will eventually come back to you with the same warm feelings once they are recovered. 

Make Them Jealous

Gemini’s are very good-hearted people but they shift from one person to another if they feel bored or if they are not getting the vibe that they desire. To keep your Gemini lover attracted to yourself you need to make him or her jealous and keep yourself desirable. They just want the best one for them and if you are able to make them jealous, they will find you very attractive and they will keep you for a lifetime.

Speak Less And Listen More To Them

Gemini loves to share things and all the stuff from their day with their special person. They become really excited about telling their partner about their new discoveries or anything new they just explored in the day. So, if you are dating a Gemini person then you must keep a very good check on whatever they are telling you. They enjoy talking while making eye contact with you.

Be Honest With Them

They want you to be truthful with them, and they’re going to simply ask you regarding stuff that many would push underneath them or hide from Geminis. As a consequence, your partner understands so much about you than almost anyone does. They really do not like bad feelings, so they’re going to try to make you transform life upside down rapidly, and that is what they’re doing for themselves too. Covering up a person’s disappointment, frustration, or anxiety can make them dislike you and they’re great at picking up the little things that give away the inner emotions.

Things That Thai Women Loves About Their Partners


Every woman in this world appreciated little things that you do for her to remind her that she is important for you and you think about her. If you have never dated any Thai girl before try out Thai dating sites and get the best possible lady as per your preference. Once you get to know her, then you would realize that Thai girls are actually very nice and they are very loyal when it comes to relationships. If you are willing to make your relationship work for a long time then you must take some things into consideration and win the heart of your lady. Here are some of the things that Thai girls like in their partners.

Pretty Little Gifts 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to dazzle a Thai lady. Chocolates, charming teddy bears, pretty manually written cards, and other little gifts are all that could possibly be needed to fulfill her. What makes a difference is that you recalled her and that you’re causing her to feel like she matters a great deal to you. 

Show Up At Her Place of Work 

We like it when you appear in our work environment. You don’t need to do it time after time however particularly if you will be a reason for interruption, yet they like it when they feel like you’re keen on what they do. They like it much more when you are pleased with what they do and you think profoundly about their profession

Go On Dates

Dates are an unquestionable requirement. Particularly if you’re not from around the zone, we like it if you set aside an effort to explore and pick a café for us to eat out rather than continually requesting recommendations. Notwithstanding, some Thai ladies like it if you ask them first where they need to eat all things being equal. If you’re going on a few dates together, alternate in picking where you will be going. 

Meet Her Friends 

Not a ton of men like spending time with his woman’s gathering of male and female companions. You ought to apply for work to do that. We love it when you are more than ready to spend time with our companions. Recollect that you must be neighborly yet fun and unwinding to be with. Our companions’ impressions and considerations about you matter as well. 

Name Your Connection With Her 

As the man in the relationship, you should take the principal action in finding out if you are formally together. Advise her precisely how you feel. Tell her whether you’re now her sweetheart or not. We don’t care for taking the primary action particularly when it’s not kidding relationship talk. Ensure you’re on the same wavelength and you see one another. Continuously think of her as emotions. 

Tell Her What’s Ahead 

Particularly if you won’t be in Thailand all an opportunity to be with her, it is ideal to tell her even from the beginning in the relationship where you’re going. It is safe to say that you are going slowly? Do you plan on wedding her later on? Is it accurate to say that you are keen on building a family with her? Would you like to carry her with you to your nation or would you be moving to Thailand forever? The future issues. It is best that both of you can set your assumptions.

Reasons To Invest In The Real Estate Of Jamaica


If you are thinking of investing in jamaica then there is no better option than investing in the real estate sector. There are certain reasons why this kind of investment is always fruitful and why people should look forward to investing in such things. The basic thing about real estate that you all must be aware of is that real estate always goes up with the coming time and property tends to yield some profit for the individual who invested his or her money into it. However, there are many more reasons to invest in the real estate market of Jamaica and you can read about all the major reasons below.

  • Jamaica is helpful for development and was named the main Caribbean nation to work together and to contribute by Forbes. Pretty much every area in Jamaica has seen an inflow of venture, which has decidedly affected the island. Today, Jamaica appreciates a steady economy that is consistently improving after some time. 
  • Everybody needs a bit of a stone. Unfamiliar financial specialists overwhelm the very good quality land market in Jamaica. Since Jamaica has next to zero limitations for international property holders, it’s anything but difficult to buy a home on the island, and numerous outsiders are exploiting it. Accordingly, Jamaica has a functioning ex-pat local area that has extended its speculation dollars past nearby land. 
  • The land offers rewarding income procuring and speculation openings. For instance, month to month lodging rent rose by 0.5% in 2016 dependent on the cross country buyer value list delivered by the Bank of Jamaica. Aside from long haul rentals, with developing requests for Airbnb type benefits, your property can turn into a wellspring of income or capital development. By chance, Jamaica positioned overall Caribbean regions on TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2017 “World’s Best Destination” rundown, and NY Times named Kingston as one of their “52 Places to Go in 2017” which talks straightforwardly to the capability of summer home renting openings for mortgage holders. 
  • Holding land in Jamaica can yield practically 60% of income in any period of more than five years. This figure is obviously dependent on the new enthusiasm for Jamaican land. Buying property in Jamaica is, consequently, quite possibly the most beneficial long haul speculation alternatives. 
  • The net decrease of home loan financing costs and expanded credit limits in certain banks reinforced lodging requests in 2016. Accordingly, homeownership is not, at this point an inaccessible reality. For some more Jamaicans, particularly youthful experts, it is a fortunate opportunity to become mortgage holders. 
  • Jamaica’s land is more moderate than other Caribbean islands. For instance, costs range from US$1,300 per square foot to US$1,500 per square foot for a beachfront home in Jamaica, while in Barbados, beachfront properties range from US$6,700 per square mile. So, when you compare the prices of land in Jamaica with other Caribbean regions, you will find a recognizable difference in the amount of purchase of land.
  • The real estate sector boosts rapidly in Jamaica and taking into consideration the lowest ever prices of properties in the Jamaican region, it is advised to invest in real estate now only to reap the advantages of that property in the coming future. There are huge chances that the property that you are going to buy right now will eventually grow to the extent that you will get a great return on your invested amount.