Pros And Cons Of Owning A Motorcycle

So you have thought about buying a new motorcycle this year and you are still wondering if it is worth it? While you might always have wanted to get a new motorcycle and glide down the road feeling the wind in your hair, there are certain things that you ought to know before you make the decision of buying a new bike. Take a look at the pros and cons of buying a new motorbike to find out if it is really worth it.


1. Makes you feel special

Deny it if you want but this is a fact that having a bike adds a cool factor to your personality. You might have noticed how people start noticing someone who moves around with an uber cool bike.

2. Saves expenses

Compared to the expenses you have to endure when you own a car, the cost of owning a motorbike is really less. Motorbikes give you more mileage and the maintenance expenses are low too.

3. Great resale value

Another great thing about bikes is that they retain their resale value even after years of use.

4. Easy to clean

One of the troubles with owning a car is to clean it regularly. While there is not an exception to this when you own a motorbike, you will find that cleaning a bike is much easier than cleaning a car.

5. Easy to park

Motorbikes occupy very less space. Finding space for parking a bike is much easier than finding space for parking a car.

6. Less fuel emissions

One of the best things about owning a bike is that it is eco-friendly and emits lesser fuels as compared to its four-wheeler counterpart.

7. Fun ride

When it comes to having fun, there is no comparison to a bike ride. You won’t have as much fun in a car.

8. Better fuel efficiency

Bikes are known for better fuel efficiency than cars.

9. Affordable

Bikes are much more affordable for general people. They are less expensive and most people can buy them without having to break the bank.

10. Traffic

You won’t have to get stuck in the traffic when you have a bike. You can move ahead from the sea of cars with your bike even as you are in a traffic jam.

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1. Safety concerns

Fatal accidents happen more with motorbikes than with cars. Even if you wear a helmet and take all sorts of precautions when riding a bike, you can’t be completely safe on a two-wheeler.

2. Not suitable for all kinds of weather

While cars keep you protected from rain, heat, dust and storm, bikes do not offer that kind of luxury. Riding a bike in extreme weather is challenging and risky.

3. Endurance

Bikes have lower endurance rates than cars. Bikes do not offer the longevity that cars come with.

4. Less space

Motorbikes do not come with a lot of space. There is hardly space for carrying anything on a motorbike.

5. Requires more gears

When you are riding a bike, you need to wear so many different gears such as a helmet, gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, etc.

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Should You Buy YouTube Likes

Likes on YouTube are a way to signify that a video is liked and accepted by others. The more the number of likes on a video, the more successful it seems to the potential viewers. Apart from appearing successful, there are various other advantages of having more likes on your videos. Videos with more likes do not just receive interest from others, they get noticed by YouTube as well. This eventually leads to more engagement. Hence, we can see how valuable likes are on YouTube. Below are some reasons to buy likes for your YouTube videos.

  • Viewer expectation

Videos which have more likes receive likes at a much faster rate than those which do not have many likes. Visitors really have a tendency to like those videos which already have a huge amount of likes. It is a natural tendency for people to observe other people’s reaction to something and expect it to be worthy or unworthy. This makes likes an important factor to get the attention of new viewers.

  • Better YouTube rankings

YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine in the world. It uses a certain kind of algorithm that delivers popular and relevant video contents to each user. The likes on a video assist YouTube algorithm to sort out the videos in terms of authority and relevance and helps it to index them.

  • Increased chance of virality

When a video appears with a lot of likes, people have a tendency to share it. However, the video has to be worth sharing to make this happen. Buying likes can only quicken the process as the video will already seem popular.

  • Getting out of mediocrity

It takes time and effort to create a video worthy of likes. However, it is certainly possible that your videos do not get the reach it needs to get to the level where it can be called as more than average. To keep up the motivation and increase engagement with viewers it is important that you get an initial boost of likes for your videos. This can make your videos popular and give others the impression that your channel must be really prominent. Buying likes can certainly help you achieve this.

  • Increased popularity

With the increase in the number of likes for your videos, you gain a lot of popularity and your viewers begin to recognize your brand. This makes it a great reason to buy YouTube likes.

Wrapping up

Considering all these factors, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that when you buy YouTube likes, it can boost your credibility and take your channel to a whole new level. However, when buying likes for the videos, be sure to check out the reviews of the source of these likes. You wouldn’t like it when you find out that you were not paid what was promised.

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5 Most Artistic Cities in the World


There is no question that some towns across the planet are actually an artist’s paradise. Loaded with the world’s greatest works as well as home to several of the greatest performers of the time of ours, these cities are actually more than likely on the bucket list of yours in case you’re an artist or even an art connoisseur. Let us check out several of probably the greatest artistic cities on the planet, and the reason you definitely have to visit them.
1. New York City, USA

New York City boasts a large variety of artistic kinds, from fine art form to the performing arts. NYC is also home to much more good art schools, performing arts businesses, creative museums and art dealers and companies than any other community in the US.

Manhattan is actually an artistic adventure like no other. Home to world famous institutions, like the Guggenheim Museum, an amazing work of art form in itself, along with an assortment of other very hot spots.

Immerse yourself in the neighborhood street art as well as contemporary galleries of Bushwick in Brooklyn. Queens is actually an unmissable appeal hosting the Queens Museum as well as the amazing Socrates Sculpture Garden.

2. Paris, France

Another art lover’s paradise has got to be Paris, France! Home to more than 1,000 galleries, the city is actually loaded with iconic art. Probably the most notable is actually The Louvre which houses the popular Mona Lisa by Leonardo de Vinci. There’s also an array of contemporary galleries to wow an artist. These include veterans like Galerie Daniel Templon, to the more recent Modus Art Gallery and La Maison Rouge. The Belleville neighborhood can also be a must-visit destination for vibrant street art. The City of Light is actually jam-packed with art around every corner.

3. São Paulo, Brazil

The art capital of Latin America, São Paulo might not be as acclaimed as New York City or perhaps Paris. However, the Brazilian megalopolis is actually overflowing with artistic attractions. Home to the next largest biennial, the venerable São Paulo Biennial, São Paulo is actually a necessity for the bucket list of yours. The Museu de Arte Moderna showcases both contemporary as well as contemporary Brazilian art, too sculpture gardens with thirty incredible works. If neighborhood, emerging talent is exactly what you are after, then galleries as Choque Cultural are exactly where you have to be.

4. Berlin, Germany

One of the more mixed art scenes in the planet, Berlin is actually home to several of the longest standing institutions. These include the Alte Nationalgalerie as well as Gemäldegalerie which showcase timeless parts from the 13th to 19th centuries. Modern 20th-century art collections are available in the more recently established Neue Nationalgalerie.

If alternative art is much more the style of yours, then Friedrichshain is actually the place to choose areas like East Side Gallery, a department of the Berlin Wall that today displays the job of over hundred international artists. Jonathan Borofsky’s sculpture, Molecule Man, is actually another necessity in case you are in Berlin.

5. Lagos, Nigeria

Probably the largest city in Nigeria, Lagos, is quickly emerging as a hotspot in the art community. Its thriving cultural scene is actually led by the Centre for Contemporary Art as well as the African Artists’ Foundation. The yearly Lagos Photo Festival along with National Art Competition are also attracting worldwide interest. With an assortment of galleries as Omenka Gallery, you are able to delve into masterpieces by probably the best Nigerian as well as international artists.

How to Make a Career Change and Take Control of Your Future


Are you tired of the 9 to 5 job and wondering how you can make a career change?
Do you ask yourself how exactly you’re going to have the ability to make the change and successfully meet your financial obligations? Never fear!

You are able to make a career move and be on the path to a more fulfilling life with a career that puts you in control of the way you spend your days.

You will find a number of tasks which could be done from the convenience of your home either by working for another person or perhaps by creating your own company.
The very first thing you have to do is to determine what it is you wish to do. What are your interests? What are your skills? Then do a little research into how you are able to turn those interests and skills into a job that you are able to do from home.

Something to remember when considering to make a career change, particularly one where you are able to work from home, is actually that it is able to have a bit of time to search for the best opportunity and find out the new position or perhaps field, in cases that are most, the best opportunities for the needs of yours.

Many individuals that go for the work-from-home route work several different jobs at the same time. One reason being it takes a couple of different sources to compensate for the lost income and that way if, for some reason one part of the income stream of yours dries up, you still have other sources to fall back on.

The best way to create a career change

Start researching work at home opportunities online. You will find a great deal of really great resources out there including job boards, blogs, forums, and perhaps review sites.

When you find one thing that sounds like it may be a great match for you, research the company as well as the job further. Type the title of the organization into the search engine of yours and then follow it with keywords as “scam” or “review” and see what comes up.

Remember that virtually every company or perhaps site will have a couple of disgruntled customers or perhaps former employees. Nevertheless, in case you run into pages of bad reviews or perhaps complaints then you most likely would like to steer clear of that one.

Doing a little extra research before you invest way too much time into an opportunity is able to help you save a great deal of disappointment in the future.

Something that you need to definitely keep in mind, especially online, is actually that in case it seems way too good to be true, it generally is.

There probably is an internet job out there that pays seemingly unrealistic amounts of money per month or day for very little effort, though I doubt it, but the odds of YOU finding it are infinitesimally small.

As with any job, you get back what you put in, and in case you’re serious about making a full-time income from home online, you are going to have to work for it. Which means it’s likely to take a bit more effort than sending an email or perhaps pasting and copying Facebook links.

So, where can you find legitimate work at home opportunities? Almost everywhere, in case you know where to look.

Nevertheless, several of these places charge a “fee” to enable you to find work. You should not have to pay to find a job, so skip over those that charge a fee.

Do not worry there are actually a lot of really great ones that don’t charge a fee and will also tell you that you should not be having to pay for job leads.

The sole exception to the jobs that charge fees are actually for those businesses that hire you to be an independent contractor.

Did you realize that you are able to easily find out how to make your own Free sites and earn from home or perhaps anywhere on your laptop?

You are able to also take the wealth of knowledge and help of others to set up sites and do all of the web design, content writing a number and a lot of other stuff.