Winter Essentials Every Lady Should Have In Her Closet


Most people love the time of winters as they can now wear most of their good and trendy clothes. In summers, you cannot wear more than a top, t-shirt, shirt or one-piece dresses. But once it is winter, you can wear jackets, high knee boots, sweaters, sweatshirts, blazers and coats which enhance the normal look of any person. That is why the winter essentials must be there in every girl’s closet so that she can style up anytime for any event. Although there are many more things when it comes to the dressing essentials for women like earrings, makeup, and scarves, here we are only telling you about some of the basic winter essentials that every woman should have in her closet. Read below about the list of essential thighs that every woman should have in winters.

Skinny Jeans

Some pair of good skinny jeans must be there in every girl’s closet to enhance the winter look. Some basic colors like blue, black white and grey must be there so that you can wear them in almost every color. You can style up the skinny jeans with long over-the-knee boots and high neck tops. Skinny jeans are very common with girls and you can wear them easily on summer days as well. 

Good Boots

Boots are really important for girls in the winters as they go well with skinny jeans, short dresses, skirts, and many more dresses. Moreover, you get a variety of designs and many Unique booties to style up with dresses. You can shop for different boots like ankle boots, over-the-knee boots, calf boots, snow boots, and wedge boots. Go for the most basic colors if you want your boots to go with every dress at every event. 

Decent Sweaters

Some colorful yet decent-looking sweaters must be present in the closet of every girl or woman as they look really pretty and go well if you are going to the office, any formal event, or in any sort of informal get-together with friends or family. Do not buy sweaters with lots of prints and colors, try buying the basic colors, and even if you are willing to buy some extra colors other than the basic ones, you can go for red, purple, and greens.


Overcoats look really cool when you wear them with one-piece dresses and style them up with long boots at the bottom. They go both in formal and informal events and you get a very classy yet decent look every time you are wearing a long coat. There are many designs available if you are buying an overcoat, try to go for the most simple ones as they fit in every occasion and with almost every dress. 

Cool Jackets

Jackets like denim jackets and leather jackets come in daily wear in the winters that are very classy and cool at the same time. You should have both the jackets in your closet and wear them with your daily skinny fit jeans and high neck tees. For people, the best color you can buy is the classic blue and for the leather jackets, the best color is black anytime.

High Neck Tops

High-neck tops look very classy and elegant and you can wear them with any kind of jeans or trousers at the bottom. Style them up with long overcoats, leather jackets for denim jackets, and choose any sort of footwear like flat sandals, sneakers, and boots.

Barter Lessons!


Arya and Jaime were hanging around in a park..they were roaming around in the park, chattering away, discussing about everything under the sun

Arya: Dude, what kind of sport do you like?

Jaime: Umm..I’ve never been a sporty kind of a person..always loved dancing though.

Arya: Okay, but you must have played something when you were a kid.

Jaime: Ahh, no..never been really into sports..always a dancer.

Arya: Okay..I have never been interested in dancing. It’s like I have two left feet.

Jaime: Hahahaha..oh my god you seriously do? That’s so cute. Anyway, if you want, I can teach you how to dance..I mean not bragging but I’m quite good at it.

Arya: Umm..I don’t wanna break my leg..I will surely either hurt myself of atleast someone in the dancing hall if I decide to get my groove on..and yes, you did brag!

Jaime: Hey! Hey! Don’t be so hostile on yourself..I’m sure you’re better than you think you are..come on let me teach you how to dance..we will start with Jazz..okay?

Arya: Alright, alright..if it means that much to you, I will.

Jaime: Yayiee! Okay.. tomorrow morning 7 a.m come to the studio near the church..okay?

Arya: Ugh! 7 a.m..isn’t that like midnight?

Jaime: No bro, it’s early morning and all bright and would surely like it. Be there on excuses.

Arya: Okay, okay! Chill Mr Punctual.. I will be there! My mom would probably think that I saw a ghost that is why I am up so early..she will be shocked to see me in the morning.

(Next morning Arya and Jaime meet at the dance studio at 7.30 a.m)

Jaime: You’re late Arya..anyway.. let’s start with the workout first.

Arya: Workout? What? I thought we were dancing.

Jaime: Yes we are..but we need to warm up your body first..we will do half an hour workout and then dance for another half an hour.. okay?

Arya: Damn! Okay.

(After the workout)

Arya: I should’ve taken you seriously,bro..I mean you are so flexible and you have so much of strength..I feel like a hundred years old right knees are killing me..and there’s still the dance session to go(sweats like a pig)

Jaime: Haha thanks for the acknowledgement, bro.. dancing or not..try to workout and move your body daily in order to keep yourself healthy and well, in your case..of age! (laughing hysterically) Anyway, let’s start with the basics of dancing.

(After the dancing session)

Arya: Okay, this was not as bad as I thought .I think I am a decent dancer.. isn’t it?
Jaime(in a fix) : Sure..if you say so! Anyway, I’ll train you good..Arya! You’re in good hands and under awesome training..I promise.

Arya: Can I do something in return, please? I insist. I want to share my talent too!

Jaime: Umm..yes you can! You have that friend of yours..Dany..I saw him using a penny board in the park the other day.. I need a way to transport myself (on a budget) and I couldn’t think of a better way other than penny board..can you reach out to him and get a guide on how to ride a penny board? I will read it and learn how to ride one.

Arya: Why to read, dude? I know how to ride a penny board..and not to brag, I am quite proficient at it..I could teach you.

Jaime: Oh yayie! This is so exciting..and you did brag! But I hope I’m not wasting your time.

Arya: No way darling.. you’re on..we will meet tomorrow in the skate park..6 p.m. sharp.. don’t be late..I hate late comers(sarcastically)

Jaime: Aye, aye Captain! Will be there..see ya for now..bye!

Arya: Bye, Bye!

The Best Gift!


So, even if Valentine’s day is gone..isn’t it necessary to know that giving gifts only pertains to this particular day..I mean birthdays, anniversaries or just no occasion can be good enough to give your loved ones a thoughtful yet precious gift. It is true that everyone wants to feel it men or what is better than giving gifts to your loved ones that actually might scream I LOVE YOU.

  • Clothes: It might feel simple and common, but clothes are something that everyone uses, right? I least clothes won’t be lying in a corner and act useless..they can be worn and used whenever your partner likes. (Might as well take care about the size, styles, colors of the clothes you will help you know that what style your partner prefers to wear)
  • Perfumes: Who doesn’t likes to smell good? I mean obviously, no one would like to smell like a rotten perfumes are a perfect gives you the extra edge if you know exactly what kind of scent your partner would like. Some would like a mild, fruity scent and some would like a strong, effective choose wisely!
  • Customized gifting; Just to give your gifts an extra personal touch, you can make something personalized..that is, a tee with your picture on it, a photo album, a photo bouquet,name albums,photo frames, photo cubes and what not..there are so many vendors and artists that offer a whole lot of range(that too, insanely creative) to gift something thoughtful for your loved ones.
  • Skin care range: Seriously, this would be an awesome gift because everyone likes to take care of their skin, but unfortunately don’t have the time to buy or get it skincare products can be a thoughtful can visit to know about their various products and the wide range they offer.
  • Books: If your loved ones are into reading, books are the best gift(it would be a bonus if you were able to find some first edition books)
  • Food items: If your partner is a food lover, give them goodies like cookies, chocolates, chips, etc..I am sure it would be consumed within minutes(I would surely do that)
  • Fitness equipment: Nowadays almost everyone is a fitness enthusiast and everyone likes to exercise and stay fit and fitness related items like fitness gear or dumbbells or any training gear could prove to be an excellent gift.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry is something that can elevate any look, so having a lot of it very essential..gifting your partner exquisite jewelry might seem to be a really good idea.
  • Gadgets: If your loved one is into the latest gadgets and is a tech freak, so giving him/her the latest it a phone/tab/laptop/Xbox, etc is the best option. It is a long term gift that these things are usually used for a very long time.
  • Pet: Your loved one might love the idea of getting a pet as a birthday can find out their preference and gift them the kind of pet they can be a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, etc.

Sometimes, showing that you love and care becomes very important, so gifting even the smallest of things might uplift your partner’s feelings for might sound materialistic but it surely shows that you care!

High Paying Online Casino Games


Casino games are going viral day by day. People from every corner of the world are gradually getting in touch with casino games. As people are getting obsessed with casino games, the number of expensive casinos are rising day by day. With the widespread use of the internet, online casinos have come into existence where people from anywhere can take part in casino games and sweepstakes. But have you ever wondered that among so many types of online casino games, which are the most high paying or highly rewarding online casino games?

In this article, I am going to discuss this topic. I have gathered some information on 7 of the high paying online casino games and I will share those with you. So, let’s get started.

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most liked and popular casino games among gamblers around the globe. This game offers high betting and winning opportunities for players. There are plenty of online variants of this game that can earn you some large payouts upon winning.

2. Casino Poker


Casino Poker is another game that can enable you to grab huge winnings if your luck favours you. Instead of playing against other players, you can opt to play against the casino and generate handsome profits.

3. Slot Games

Just like slot games in casinos, there are online slot machines that offer high payouts on winnings. You can also grab a jackpot if you get lucky. There are many online casinos that offer you to play slot games online. 

4. Roulette

Roulette is one of the highest paying casino games. You can place high bets and derive high winning opportunities.

5. Progressive Casino Games

Progressive slot games can give you huge winnings and in fact, you could win millions if it is your lucky day. Online progressive casino games are considered one of the best paying online games and can prove to be a life changing game if you hit a jackpot.

6. Craps

Craps is a classic dice game that can be commonly found on many virtual casino sites. Playing craps on web platforms can generate huge earning potential for you.

7. Sicbo

It is another type of dice game that is available on online casinos. You can earn huge winnings by predicting the numbers before the dice is rolled out.

Online casino games can give you high rewards but, there is always a risk factor of losing. You could easily lose your hard-earned money by gambling. However, if you are keen to earn money online without much hard work and less risk factor, then there are other options as well. You can participate in online quizzes and earn decent money. There are many platforms that offer you to play quiz or solve puzzles and generate great earning opportunities. Nowadays, even tv shows like Wheel of Fortune are offering chances for viewers to take part in online game shows and win huge by solving puzzles and by spinning wheel. There are websites that can make your game easier by assisting you to find answers to puzzles. Click here to find one of the most trustworthy websites that will help you to win the Wheel of Fortune game.

Marvel Encyclopedia to the Rescue!


Unaware of the movie world I was happily spending my time by doing my job and well, doing yoga(I got quite proficient in it..I was even able to stand on my head) and then I used to cook and then got back to bed by 10 p.m. , ready for the next day. ..then I met my best friends of eight years after a long, long time- we lived in different cities(both of them are absolute retards, I must say..why, that you’ll get to know as you read on).

I met them and as usual we had plans to stuff our faces with delectable food and gossip about people we hate..while we were enjoying, they introduced me to the Marvel world..I had no clue about Marvel characters so they asked me to start reading the comics they, one of them asked me to read Captain America first, but then the other one argued that I should start with Iron Man.

This conversation very easily changed into an argument..both of them argued about which comic is the ideal beginner one..the first one suggested Captain America because she wanted me to move ahead in a chronological order and the other one wanted me to read Iron Man first because she wanted me to build my interest first and then go ahead with the other comics..the argument then moved onto their favorite Avenger..the first one loved Black Widow and the other one loved Thor..and in the middle of these fools arguing, I was confused about what were they talking about.

I yelled at them to stop arguing and declared that I will read Marvel movies and watch Marvel movies according to my own sweet will(I wasn’t much of a reader, but decided to give comic reading a try) which they both had to reluctantly agree..then I went ahead and asked my other friends..all of them confused me even more and I just couldn’t resolve the issue..then once while surfing the internet about Marvel, I came across Marvel Encyclopedia..I thought of going through the encyclopedia, judge the character arc of all the Marvel comics and then watch and read them accordingly.

I got the Marvel encyclopedia and started reading it after my yoga classes…as I moved through the encyclopedia, things started to get interesting,I got indulged in it so much so that I had no awareness about what was going around me..I started missing my yoga classes..I started sleeping late, I even woke up till 4 a.m. to complete what I was doing and took a fake sick leave(I know it’s wrong but it was the first one in three years) to read in peace.

After reading the encyclopedia, I was so indulged in reading the comics that I didn’t even wait for a day and got all the comics that I could lay my hands on..and finally, I started reading the comics in a chronological order, I even saw the movies..I must say what an exhilarating experience it was to witness such an amazing variation of characters..just one thing bad happened to me in this process- my schedule got screwed up bad..really bad! 

The Abnormalities of Daily Life

Atlanta, USA: The world has become a difficult place to live in, living life has become a more expensive affair, leading a healthy carefree life is completely out of question and why is that? The only possible answer is humans. We have made this planet so difficult to live on that the living beings which cannot even speak are facing serious repercussions because of our actions.Animals are getting extinct because of change in their living conditions, wildlife do not have a place to live in and the whole world is being converted into a concrete jungle. What is with all the chaos, humans? What has earth done to you? Just given you life, shouldn’t you be thankful to earth instead of destroying it piece by piece?

The level of exploitation caused by our race is beyond measure, the resources our planet provides us naturally are inexplicably used (read: wasted) by us to the point of replenishment. These actions of our race cause a lot of harm to our planet. The noticeable effect of the blatant disregard by us is the changing climate because of the immense pollution we cause. We humans have increased our carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission to such an extent that it has caused the depletion of the atmosphere. It has been proven by our scientists that our ozone has started depleting  which has led to global warming and thus, melting of ice lands in northern and southern poles.

All this destruction, slaughter and massacre is only effecting us and thus, we are dying, we are slowly dying and what have humans done about it? Aggravate this situation in their own sweet ways. On one side, people are dying of breathing-related problems and even children are born with such problems(because of the environment) that are un-treatable, still, there is no stopping and on the other side,food is being adultrated without a sliver of shame-food is being polished, preservatives are added, flavors are added to enhance the taste and elongate it’s life-these enhancements kills the nutrients originally present in the food, thus making it unsuitable for consumption. Duplicacy of medicines and food supplies is on the rise which can cause serious side effects to it’s consumers. Synthetic food materials are produced in order to produce more consumable products in less amount of time and money, it is sold in the market and obviously, consuming such kind of food not only effects our health but also damages our immunity permanently.Consuming such goods is a daily routine for us now and unknowingly we are harming ourselves and our loved ones.

We need to be in our best mindsets and find a solution to combat these problems that we have created for ourselves. For starters, we need to reduce our carbon emissions by using public transports, doing carpool or by choosing to walk to the places where you can. Also, keep a control on the wastage you do, consuming products wisely is the need of the hour and, if we cannot stop the production of adulterated food, we can surely stop consuming it. Locate best health food stores in Atlanta or wherever you live and eat healthy. We need to make little efforts to make a big change and these efforts are the ones who might turn into a big revolution.

The Evolution of Toys


Toys are the true companion of every kid. No wonder you too had your favorite toy by your side when you were a kid. But, have you ever wondered when did the first toys came into existence or when toys were invented by mankind? I too had the same questions and when I did some research, I came up with some interesting answers that I will share with you in this article. So, continue reading to find some fascinating facts about the history of toys.

Toys have a long history of existence and evolution. It is estimated that toys were invented about 5000 years ago. Carbon dating of toy remains found in archeological sites confirms their prehistoric existence. Early humans used stones and sticks to make toys. Toys made in those days primarily were the resemblance of animals, birds, human figures and tools used by early human beings.


As time passed on, the shape, size, and structure of toys also changed accordingly. In the medieval period, toys were being made of wood, rags, and linen. The archeological remains of the Roman and Greek civilization show that toys were made of wood as well as metals. The Roman people made toys in resemblance of mainly animal figurines and soldiers. However, the poor section of the society would stick to toys made of wood and rags.

The evolution of modern toys and toy stores started in the 20th century. Before this period, toys were made by the parents at home. There was no concept of a toy store back then. Toys at that period were made up of materials such as cotton, rags, linen, bamboo, wood, etc. that were easily available in the surrounding environment. The 20th century marked the beginning of the commercial existence of toys. People came up with the idea of mass production of toys that could be sold in the market. This way toy stores came into existence.

The 21st century marked the evolution of sophisticated electronic toys. With the widespread use of plastic in the toy industry, more and more plastic-made toys were available at a cheap price. Along with plastic toys, soft toys like teddy bears, dolls, and various animal figures made of foam and linen gained popularity among children. Today electronic toys, remote-controlled toys, superhero figurines, and funko pops have taken over the toy market.

With the expansion of technology, toys have paved out their existence in the digital world. Toys are available online on various digital platforms nowadays. Anyone willing to buy a toy of any type can book it online and get it delivered to their homes. There are websites that provide legitimate reviews of different types of soft toys, electronic toys, and funko pops. People can read the toy reviews and select after comparing every aspect as per the need of their children. If you want to read reviews of soft toys and funko pops click here to get redirected to the website.

I hope you got some valuable information about the evolution of toys from this post. Thank you very much for reading.

Omaze Got Fantastic Reviews!


Being a food critic was what I wanted to be since I was a child, I understood food and could quickly judge spices in any kind of food very easily. I enjoyed cooking complex food and enjoyed reviewing the food my family cooked. Probably, I got this trait from my nana who is an excellent cook. I have seen her cook for years and never have I ever seen her measure things to cook a perfect meal, whatever she cooked was way up to the mark, I mean not a spoon more, not a spoon less. Since I was a child, I used to look at her, cooking with so much of passion and love, in fact, I could feel her love through her cooking. My grandma cooked the best pasta ever, I mean I have never had a pasta as good as hers and probably never will. Although I lost her last year(she was quite old), I still remember how she used to hug me whenever I fetched stuff for her, how she used to have a smile whenever she cooked, especially for my pop(my grandpa).

So, when I grew up I thought of changing my passion into profession, I trained to become a chef and because of all the practice with nana, I got placed as a chef at a very posh hotel, which I was proud of and side by side, I also became a food critic. I used to review food of several restaurants, some were good and some, were awful, soon I was a dreaded critic as I was pretty blunt and straightforward with my reviews. During the day, I am a chef and at night time, a food critic. My plan is to go to the restaurants unannounced and in disguise, I used to order food that was recommended by the hotel staff and eat it. Just like Gordon Ramsay, I took upon myself to improve the quality of the food if I found something faulty and also, appreciated and admired the food that I actually liked.

Eventually after being a food critic for seven years, my review was the most awaited one. My columns about chefs and food were highly popular and as people say, dependable. But there is a certain review that I have been awaiting since long, that is, Omaze reviews. Let me explain you from the start, while exploring the internet, I came across this organisation named Omaze, which provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to either win free gifts or meet a certain celebrity. I was so excited to read it, also, it was for a good cause, the money that I will spend will go towards a charity and help the needy ones. But, unfortunately my wife made me realize that it might not be legit, as it was too good to be true.

I agreed with her, but was constantly searching for a review, how ironic, isn’t it? The funny thing is that a colleague, for whom I wrote a really bad review, told me that Omaze is absolutely legit. He personally experienced the process and said it was transparent and in fact, indulging. I got so relieved and participated in the process, I am now satisfied and happy that I am contributing for the betterment of the society in a way.

Caption It up!


Getting married seems like a task nowadays, especially when there are so many expectations and standards to fulfill. I got married, in November 2019(thank god it was before the pandemic hit) and I observed one thing, that a wedding changes the dynamics of your routine as their is so much to do that no matter how many days are given for the preparations, those days seem less. From finalizing the dates to fixing the venue, from shortlisting the guests to finalizing the invites and distributing them, from selecting the clothes to spending a bomb buying them, from finalizing the giveaways to making sure no one goes empty handed(Indian weddings, I tell you) and what not. After spending a bomb on the wedding and pre-wedding functions, dancing my heart out, posing endless times in front of the camera and changing into heavy clothes . Soon after the wedding, my husband and I went to Singapore and Bali. Then, there was another wedding to attend and three months after that, the pandemic hit. Surely, my routine was a mess and it was high time that it was sorted out now. So I opened a journal and jotted down the things I needed to change

  1. I need to fix my sleeping schedule, I am constantly sleeping late and waking up early so, I can’t get enough sleep, which is affecting my mind and body.
  2. Before the wedding preparations kicked in, I was constantly doing yoga, which helped me have a fit body as well as mind. I am now determined to find a yoga teacher and commence doing yoga everyday.
  3. I have a lot of clothes accumulated now, so, the clothes that I do not wear and are piled up in my wardrobe,which needs to be donated.
  4. I started an Instagram handle to post about my journey, my wedding and my trips, but unfortunately because of lack of really good captions, I was not in a mood to post. But recently, I found a page which has a lot of different captions, so now I can post pictures with good captions and make my Instagram more appealing. Click Here to know more.
  5. I need to get in touch with my studies. Earlier, I had the habit of reading novels and newspaper but all went haywire after the wedding, so I need to re-develop my old habit of reading.
  6. Since I got married, my workload increased and I had to spend time in doing household chores and my job, so, I was unable to take some ‘me’ time out, in which I used to do anything that relaxed me or sometimes, nothing at all. Just because we all are swamped with work, doesn’t mean that we cannot take out some time for our own selves.
  7. Although I might not be that good at it, but I really enjoyed dancing, on weekends I used to take dance classes but post marriage I just couldn’t do that, so taking advantage of the online classes scenario, I will surely learn dancing again.
  8. I lost contact with some of my closest friends as I was really busy, I wish to re-connect with them.

Fixing these things might bring a little more stability in my life because absence of these points were putting me in a turmoil. Moreover, having a balanced life is absolutely mandatory to live a peaceful, blissful and joyous life.

FIFA attracts all


Influencer life seems a lot easy when you see them on your screens, but what seems to be easy on the other side of your screens, might not be that easy and breezy. But it isn’t that easy, there are a lot of things that are unseen , unheard and invisible. Below is an excerpt from the autobiography of a social media influencer named Nidhi, who has a good amount of followers ,that is, one million, on Instagram, she has expressed her woes.

“It has been one heck of a ride for me, from being a skinny girl to being called a hanger to being called an influencer, it has been a tipsy topsy ride. I never imagined that I will write an autobiography but I guess it’s better to tell the tale from the hourse’s mouth. So, starting from my college days, I was always a skinny girl, my batch mates and even my friends used to body shame me which took a toll on my mental health, I started to hate myself, I started eating anything and everything I could lay my hands on to gain some weight, but to no avail. Eventually down the line, I somehow caught the idea that I have to love myself the way I am, not the way people would like me to be and in this self discovery journey, my parents backed me up, they are the biggest pillars of strength for me and I guess my persona would not have been possible without them.”
” I always knew that I have a love for fashion and no one could deny the fact that I was always ahead of my batch mates and my friends in college. So after finishing my degree in Commerce, I decided to pursue fashion and so I did, from here I started my journey of becoming an influencer, I firstly joined a startup company which made short videos for social media on various topics, I acted and styled those videos and shortly after, these videos went viral on social media and I became the face of the startup, I started gaining a lot of popularity and people knew me by my name, many people made my fan accounts, it was so overwhelming.”
” I then decided to leave the startup to launch my career solo which was full of hurdles, my sense of style was trolled, questioned and made fun of. My body frame was a source of amusement for people and yet again, it affected my mental health, but this time my parents came to my rescue and they motivated to go on. I eventually got strong and started what I knew best, fashion with a difference and now, the world knows me.”
“This influencer life is not easy though, posing for hours at an end for a two minute video is really frustrating sometimes and there are times that I invest days in a project but it doesn’t work out how I planned it to be. Then come the hate comments and the trollers, I have to give them an earful once in a while. Moreover, there is the added pressure of being called moral- less because of the ‘short’ clothes I wear but as long as my parents are happy with what I do, I just do not care what people say anymore. Then people expect that I will put something different, funny, spicy ,interesting things all at the same time and that too, everyday. I need to take a social media intoxication once in a while to keep myself sane.I usually take a break by playing FIFA and yes I know the coin generation part is a pain so I use free fifa coins.”
” Also, people who send me free stuff pressurize me to promote their brands even if I don’t like their stuff and most importantly, the pressure of saying and doing the right things and conveying what I think in a correct manner is very pressurizing because I am influencing the youth of my nation, I need to put my best foot forward every time.”
” I know it is a little staggering but towards the end of the day, despite of everything, whatever love I get makes it all worth it.”