5 Websites Every LoL Fan Must Know About

The world of League of Legends has expanded so far and wide that it has led to the growth of a lot of websites related to the game. Because of so many League of Legends fan sites, it may be an overwhelming task to get the relevant sites that actually offer some value to the users. In order to enable you to reach the most relevant websites, we have come up with this list which gives a brief explanation of each one of these sites. Continue reading to know more.

  1. Unite LoL

This one is essentially an app designed for LoL players to build up teams for online play, chat or even to meet in person. Users get to search their nearest players by their preferences. It is a great app for like-minded League of Legend players. The app is actually free on the App store and the Android version is yet to be launched.

  1. Cartoflegends.com
    Cartoflegends.com is actually a site that lets LOL fans buy their favourite merchandise. It has probably the largest collection of LOL merchandise on the web. If you are a die-hard LOL fan, you can’t miss out this one. The huge variety of commodities in the store includes posters, wristbands, keychains, and other stuff. In case you are looking for gifts for a League of Legends gamer, this website is actually the place to be. Here you have an enormous pool of LOL merchandise consolidated in one place. It is a reliable online store which is actually targeted to League of Legend fans.
  1. Gaming Curios

Gaming Curios is a website which makes gaming videos and hosts them on YouTube. These videos are related to League of Legends and other games of the same category. Use this site to find tutorial videos on League of Legends and improve your game.

  1. Junglekit.com

It is among the most visited sites for LOL fans. This site offers a great deal of information about the hottest updates from the game. It has this incredible feature which lets you replay the game in slow motion. This can hugely benefit you by letting you analyze your flaws in the game.

  1. LoL Training House

In case you are looking for a mentor to help you improve your game, this is the website for you. This site provides a huge range of mentoring services and you are able to decide to learn from any of them after going through their demo class. Using this particular site frequently can guarantee you get better at League of Legends. The site also lets you find out someone to play with. There is a filter feature within the site that lets you immediately find players around your rank to play with.

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The Growing Trend Of LoL Chatrooms

League of Legends or LoL is an online role-playing multiplayer game. Published by Riot Games (which is a leading game developer company in its genre), it is by far one of the best online MOBA games today. The best thing about this game is that it is free to play. In the last few years, the game has gained so much popularity that people have started discussions around it in all sorts of online platforms. One of the most convenient platforms for LoL enthusiasts to come together and discuss the game is the LoL chatroom.

The members of this chatroom host a variety of discussion about the game. These discussions can range from the features of the game to the issues faced by gamers. Being a part of this chatroom can be immensely useful for gamers who are new to League of Legends.

The game is so fascinating that you will be inclined to get into these chatrooms just to find out more about the game. When you are a part of this community it is likely that you will become a better gamer.

Like all other major gaming chatrooms, LoL chatroom is predicted to grow immensely in the next few years. Given the popularity of the game, it is not surprising. With the growth of the gaming community, the online chat community of gamers is also supposed to increase considerably. Chat rooms are a great way for gamers to sort out there gaming related issues quickly. However, it is expected that gaming chatrooms could grow to serve many other purposes too.

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. The bigger the industry grows, the more number of people join the gaming community. Chatrooms are the means for these gamers to voice their thoughts and concerns and to give their valuable feedback to the world and to the developers specifically. If you are not a part of this community already, you are missing out on something.

While there are a lot of perks of a gaming chatroom, there are a few drawbacks as well. One of the commonest of these is that there are trolls on these platforms. Since chatrooms are mostly public, anyone can join these platforms and misuse them by trolling people using slangs. The best advice that you can get from anyone on how to deal with these kinds of situation is to ignore them. However, there still isn’t any concrete solution to this problem. We just hope that someday in the near future people find out ways to deal with these kinds of problems so that the passionate gamer can use these platforms to their best.

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