Online Multiplayer Games That Can Be Hacked

Multiplayer games are loved by all the people as you get a chance to play with your friends or with your loved ones and at the same time, you can have a conversation with them in many games which makes it even more interesting for the people. Playing ethically is one thing but have you ever thought that if you can hack the game and move forward towards new adventure and levels of the game without wasting all your days in completing in-game missions.

There are many online multiplayer games that can be hacked and here are some of the major games available for the mobile that can be easily hacked.

Smashing Four

Smashing Four is an online multiplayer game where you compete with your opponents in the arena with four heroes on each team. The logic is simple here, you have to defeat all the players in your opponent team but there is a catch that the heroes you choose cannot be a perfect fit for every arena and you need to upgrade them by purchasing character cards from the in-game store. Now, purchasing anything can be costly and now everyone will do it but the smashing four hack can help you in unlocking all the character cards, gold, and gems in the game for free.

8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is a game that needs no introduction in the online multiplayer gaming world. It is one of the most downloaded games in the mobile gaming world with a large number of users worldwide. Players from all around the globe compete with the players and apart from random players you can against your friends as well. There are many pool tables that unlock as you grow in this game but to make the process faster and get more pool coins and unlock all the legendary cues with the hack for the 8 ball game.


Pubg is an online multiplayer shooting game by Tencent and it is yet another game with a large number of downloads in the play store and app store respectively. There are many things that you can buy from the in-game store of this game but you have to purchase it by paying a specific price per item. The most epic crates of this game are paid and thus to enjoy everything you have to pay a price or you can always go for some hacks of this game which ensures you free epic crates and game currency for free. 

Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call of duty was one of the best shooting games from the time when it made its debut in the gaming industry. Even when it comes to mobile multiplayer gaming it has shown great gameplay due to its high definition graphics and remarkable graphics. This game also has an in-game store from where you have to buy crates and other game stuff but the good news is that you can unlock it by simply downloading the modded version of the app from various websites on the internet.

Clash Of Clans

Clash of clan is another online multiplayer game that involves a real-time strategy make-up to conquer your enemies’ clan by attracting them with your army. You can play this game with your friends while talking to each other. There are many hacks for this game online and using them can be beneficial to unlock the hidden potential of this game.