A Heartwarming Online Dating Story From India

Radhika is a happily married mother of two. She is the real-life replica of the perfect wife and mother you read about or see in movies.  While life is beautiful for her at this point of time, it was not this way before she met her husband, Amit. Amit is a software engineer who Radhika happened to meet on a dating site. Never had she thought that something as simple as an online chat with some random guy could open up a whole new world to her.

Three years before she got married to Amit, Radhika had been a different person – someone who had cocooned from the world outside and never cared about anything that had to do with love. It was not that she had always been this way. A heartbreak can leave you miserable, sometimes in a very ugly way.

Radhika had been in love with her college heartthrob, Jay. Tall, immaculate physique and a happy-go-lucky attitude, Jay had all those features that could make him a prince charming for any girl in college. Radhika almost felt the world slip under her feet the day Jay proposed her. Poor Radhika had no idea that Jay was a lion in a sheep’s disguise.

It was a month later that she became witness to what she had later described as the most agonising moment of her life. Jay was in an intimate situation with Simi, Radhika’s best friend, when she got into his room that day. She felt devastated. There is nothing more painful than being hurt by the people you love. When the hurt comes from two people, its effect gets intensified.

After this incident, nothing was the same for her. She tried a lot to move on. She changed town. She changed college. When nothing worked, she decided to let it be. She decided to endure the pain rather than fighting it. She got into depression.

If it was not for her roommate, she wouldn’t have tried to get out of her shell. After endless protests from Radhika, Rita finally convinced her to try online dating. She met Amit after three months of her experience with online dating. When she did meet him, she was hooked. In spite of her initial hesitations, she couldn’t help warming up to him. It seemed to her that she had met her perfect guy.

A few months of meetings and lots of coffees later, Amit learned about her insecurities. He did everything he could to make sure that their relationship would take a new direction. Two years passed by and Amit and Radhika finally tied the nuptial knot. They had found a new world in each other all because of a dating site. They have made it their commitment to spread the concept of totally free online dating in India. We hope and pray that their efforts in bringing out the idea of totally free online dating in India gets materialized and we get to read more online dating stories from India like this one.