Motherhood: The Joy Within defines motherhood as the state of being a mother. This is possibly the most limited definition of the term. Motherhood is a lot more than just becoming a mother. It is a divine feeling. It is a bond that a woman shares with her child. And, it is one of the strongest bonds in the world.

The feeling of being a mother

Becoming a mother is one of those feelings in life that is hard to describe in words. It is something that has to be felt. It is a beautiful bond that makes you feel like the happiest person in the entire world. However, motherhood also comes with responsibilities. When you have a baby, your life changes in a big way. It makes you stronger from the inside yet you feel scared and nervous at times. You start to worry if everything you are doing is right. Your life gets centred around the baby. You make your decisions keeping your child in mind. And most importantly, you start to realize that true happiness is not in the material things of this world. A simple smile from your baby can make you go through tough times easily. That smile of your baby becomes the most precious thing in the world. You would never trade it for anything else however precious.

You start realizing that you have an inner strength that you never thought about earlier. You may spend sleepless nights looking after the needs of your baby, but that doesn’t stop you from taking care of your baby throughout the day. You try to make the world a little better for your baby. You intend to give all the happiness in the world to your baby. There is nothing that you wouldn’t do for your baby if it brings a smile to their lips.

When you become a mother, you instantly realize the love that your mother had for you. You start respecting her even more now. You start counting the sacrifices she had made for you and you realize they are countless. You start wondering if you can be as good a mother as you thought you would be.

When does motherhood begin?

Motherhood begins the moment you realize you have a new life inside you and start taking care of your body for the sake of that little one.  There’s an amazing feeling when you feel your baby kick for the first time. All those little things you do to keep your baby growing healthy makes you a mother. You begin reading a lot. You dig deep to find out the best things to do for your little one. You look for pregnancy diet chart month by month and start following the advice of your doctor strictly. These are the things that really define the beginning of motherhood.

I hope you found this post helpful. Do share with me your thoughts and opinions on motherhood. Also, follow this pregnancy diet chart month by month if you are an expecting mother. Be the best mother in the world. Kudos to motherhood!