How to write engaging captions for Instagram

Do you want to generate more likes and comments for your Instagram photos simply by writing amazing captions? I’m going to share with you my five tips for writing engaging captions for Instagram. Captions are such an important part of Instagram, it honestly surprises me how many people are still not leveraging this. I think actually captions are a great opportunity for so many creators to add extra value, and people are not even seeing it. 

I am not the most amazing photographer on the planet and chances are maybe you aren’t either. It’s very very hard to stand out on Instagram with photos alone, especially if you are the one taking them and not the one in them. Depending on the niche that you’re in, you might actually be able to add more value to people through writing than just through images. 


Here are the five steps to writing a killer Instagram caption: 

1. Come up with a topic.

This could be something that you’ve been thinking about for a while. Normally this is like, an idea or a conversation that’s just been on my heart lately that I want to share with people. Whatever it is, come up with a topic that you’re going to write about. You just want to make sure that your caption has a purpose and a focus.

2. Write a headline 

I know that Instagram captions don’t technically have a headline, but if you’re scrolling through, you will notice that any caption over like two or three lines long is going to have a little ‘see more’ button. You must focus on writing first the part that is going to show up before ‘see more’. You can spend all the time writing a beautiful long story in your caption, but if the first three lines aren’t interesting enough to get people to click ‘see more’ no one’s ever going to read it.t think that its clickbait

3. Writing the body of your caption

The third step is writing the body of your caption and making sure to add lots of line breaks. Don’t write like 12,000 words or anything like that, but I think 250 to 500 words is suitable as it’s going to look pretty long. But, if people are really engaged with what you’re talking about, they will keep reading it. It’s really important that when you have that many words, you’re breaking it up with spaces.

4. Read through your caption 

Read through your caption and make sure that throughout the entire thing you’re writing the same way that you would talk to a friend. Your followers on Instagram feel like they know you personally and you are friends with them. So, make sure that you’re not writing as if you’re writing an essay or a school paper. Write it as you would actually speak to a friend about it.

5. Use specific writing tools

You can add an extra spark to your caption by using text generator tools. Text generators are some online tools that convert your normal text fonts to fancy text fonts. Instagram Text Generator is one of the tools that I use to create my captions. You just have to find the ideal text font and use it on your Instagram bio and captions. Instagram Text Generator is a free tool to make marvelous textual styles for your Instagram captions. With this tool, you can catch the eye of your followers in a matter of moments.

These are the tips that hopefully will help you to get more likes and comments on your Instagram captions and eventually more followers.