Love Is The Strongest Emotion

The best part of an animate is that it has emotions and we tend to express our emotions every now and then in various forms. Be it hatred, love, jealousy or any out of millions of the emotions.

Love is such an emotion that binds humans in a very sweet and considering ways. Being in love is considered to be the most powerful feeling in the world. This not only fetches us happiness but also emotional stability in life.

Love is defined as a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.

No human stays untouched with this particular emotion, no matter how aloof and indifferent he gets in life. Love connects different people od different mentalities and bring them closer to one another.  Humans are considered to be gregarious because of their ability to form lively groups in a very short time period.

When someone is smitten in love with someone, the world becomes a platform and he seems to be the only performer on stage. This is the most beautiful feeling ever experienced by a breathing human. Love is so powerful that it made humans do things that are beyond any imagination or any description. People in love have created indelible symbols in its name of love. Some gave it a shape of a monument and other created books that travel for centuries.

Many years ago a king named Saha Jahan loved her wife so much that he build a monument call the taj mahal on the brink of Yamuna river in the name of his beloved Mumtaz Mahal.

The taj mahal is deemed to be the symbol of love and it falls among the seven wonders of the world. Tourists from different corners come to visit this symbol of love. The taj mahal has many domestic and international admirers coming from different places.

If you too are interested in visiting this marvellous tomb. Don’t forget to check the Taj mahal timing to get the hang of the best time to visit it.

The Taj mahal timing may be a bit different from all the other timing as there are timings when many visitors are not allowed in the premise of the taj mahal.

we all deserve to be happy irrespective of our cast, colour, region, religion and gender. Waiting around for something to never happen only gives rise to the stagnation of life, progression—it impedes the future and what it has in store.

Love in itself is a beauty of nature that resides in every breathing creature. It is a fuel that keeps you going even in the direst of the gives you hope and asks you not to give up no matter how tough life gets.

Being with the right person is more important than beings with a good looking person. Not everyone can be Saha Jahan but those who love their mates can at least become what they feel what their partner feel.

To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.