Moss Agate – the stone of new beginnings

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Moss Agates are popular worldwide for their amazing healing powers.  Each moss agate is a living organism whose energies and properties surround us and offer amazing healing.


The human body is also made up of various parts each with its own vibration and energy.  When these energies are blocked or low we can feel we like we are depressed which can lead to illness and stress.  Healing moss agates can be used to balance out this energy.

Perhaps you have purchased or been given some moss agates but you are unsure what to do with them.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Place a moss agate in your garden and you’ll find your plants to increase their fertility as well as production.
  • Place them in rooms where you need protection or love. A Green Moss Agate placed around a room helps protect those rooms from dark energies brought in from outside.
  • Some moss agates are ideal for helping you get your creative juices flowing. If you are experiencing mental blocks wear or hold a red moss agate to open your mind to new ideas.
  • The throat chakra is blue and therefore using a blue moss agate is the ideal way to open up this chakra and allow communications to flow.  If you are having difficulties with communicating, wear or carry a piece blue moss agate. Use it to boost self-confidence when speaking publically or when you need to speak up for yourself or explain things clearly.  The best benefit will be achieved if you wear a blue moss agate close to your throat.

One more thing, when choosing a moss agate, pick one you are drawn to even if you think from reading the properties of the crystal that you don’t need it.  Also don’t be upset if you lose a moss agate, it may be that you don’t need it right now.  It will turn up when you need it again.

If you have an overwhelming desire to buy someone a particular moss agate as a gift, do it.  There is probably a good reason for it.

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