Real Estate Industry in Dubai

Investing in real estate companies in Dubai has always been a way for new and busy investors to earn the most profits while taking some of the stress out of managing their properties. After all, the real estate market is full of diverse opportunities for those who seize them, no matter what an investor’s budget and goals may be. And, though real estate investments are sometimes considered inflexible and difficult to liquidate, you have a much better chance of finding successful investments with the aid of real estate companies.


Comprehending the Basics

In Dubai, real estate investment companies are also called Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs, for short). REITs are not the same as builders and developers, due to the fact that they do not improve residential or commercial properties to immediately re-sell in the market. They utilize their real estate to gain rental income each month.

REITs earn over 90 percent of their profits through shareholders. These shareholders receive income from the rent created by property investments, and the rest of the money (management fees) goes to the REIT itself. With REITs, investors can easily trade and liquidate properties through the real estate market, as well as purchase of the most promising homes available.

Shareholder Benefits

Shareholders that invest in real estate investment companies obtain additional benefits that standard property owners do not from owning these properties. For example, investing in a REIT doesn’t require the same large sum of money traditionally purchasing a property can, and trading REIT shares is much easier than the usual route of searching for a dealer, finding a buyer, and negotiating the sale of one’s property. In short, REIT investments are much less stressful on the investor.

Different Types of REITs

REITs come in many forms, many of which focus on specific types of property markets. For example, a healthcare REIT concentrates on elderly homes, nursing facilities, and hospitals, while residential REITs solely concentrate on residences. There are REITs for every type of property in the real estate market of Dubai, and it’s important to know which segment your properties fall into.

How to Pick the Ideal Investment

Like most investments, investors should consider several factors before buying shares with any real estate companies in Dubai, such as real-estate specific factors, potential for long-term growth, and stability. Currently, real estate investment companies focusing on healthcare have some of the highest prospects for demand as the industry continues to expand, though rental properties are also a hot commodity at the moment. New real estate investors should always consult a knowledgeable real estate expert before making any real-estate focused decisions.

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