What Makes A Man Attractive

Being a more attractive person isn’t as hard as you might believe. Even if the sexiest of genes doesn’t bless you, don’t worry. You can be your greatest, hottest and most appealing version of yourself with just a few scientific tricks and advice. Mentioned below are some of the best tips that make a man look more attractive.


Beard Look

The beard growing is essentially one of the greatest stuff for yourself that you can do. Facial hair is not only related to maturity and manhood, but also to dominance and aggression. A medium but not patchy beard is the most attractive beard to put on for men. Having a beard increases your attractiveness everywhere but a regularly trimmed beard looks good.

Sharp Jawline And Face Features

Strong Jawline For Males and A perfectly shaped face looks perfect to attract anyone, anywhere anytime. Muscle men as we all look more attractive to women and a more masculine look will give you whole dress a more appealing look. Women discover the features of secondary sex, like a big jawbone and characterized cheekbones, very attractive for males because they indicate a strong genetic power and an elevated level of testosterone.

Overall Fitness Makes A Man Look More Attractive

Women consider males “built” as more sexy than non-muscular, skinny or thin dudes. Some muscles are good and attractive, but certainly not too much. It must be correct. Fitness makes a person look more young and fresh all the time and generally, women love the guys who are involved in some kind of physical activity.

Keep A Little Smile On Your FaceĀ 

Researchers have discovered that males that gently spread a smile through their facets are more appealing and reliable than males who get smiley too quickly in a particularly exciting research. Smiling is also a good exercise for your jawline muscles so always put a smile on your face.

Be Proud While Communicating

When you talk to females, look proud. Studies have discovered that pride and strangely, the most appealing expression of the face and body is happy. Don’t smile with happiness. Just put a little smile on your face every time you make a conversation with anyone.

Be Confident While Talking

While you are communicating with a woman, the most important thing that she will notice in your is your confidence while talking to her. Do not make a conversation boring and do not look around while talking to her. Make eye contact and make her feel that you are confident and more dominant.

Dressing Sense

If you are going to meet a woman, always try to bring the best version of yourself by wearing the clothes in which you feel comfortable and classy. I you are not feeling comfortable in your attire, the person sitting in front of you will not feel interested in you. Just be neutral and wear the best clothes from your closet to impress the lady.

Watch Your Teeth And Breath

Finally, let’s state that: it is important for the attraction to have a good number of chompers because most females tend to be switched off when a possible romance opens up their mouth and have a bad breath or bad teeth structure. Always take care of your teeth and eat chewing gum before meeting someone.