Braille Translator – A Boon For The Blind

With the evolving technology, there has been tremendous growth in the field of specially-abled tools and devices. There are now various tools that help specially abled people live better lives. Among the many devices is the online tool called braille translator. This tool is for the blind to help them translate normal texts into braille notations.

What is it used for?

The use of this tool is basically for translating online texts into braille. With the use of this tool, a lot of blind people have got the advantage of reading blog posts and internet articles which they were not able to read earlier. This has become one of the most useful tools for them now.

A few days back, I met a group of students from a blind school. When asked if they knew anything about such a tool, they said that they were already using it. It was surprising to me as this tool was not yet so popular. It was actually built last year and although there were quite a few users, I wasn’t expecting it to be that popular.

On doing some research

I was curious about how this online tool had become so popular. On doing a little research, I got to know about the team behind this amazing braille translator. I immediately decided to meet these people to understand the concept behind this tool and also the marketing strategy that made this tool so popular in such a short period of time.

So, one fine day, I went to meet these guys who had agreed to meet me. It was an unofficial meeting as they didn’t want to get much credit for the work they are doing. They were like altruists who did the work not for any recognition but for a genuine cause – to uplift the lives of the blind.

I met these guys and I had the interview and I was truly humbled by the way they treated me. I also came to know of the inspiration for their work. There was one blind person in the team.

When asked about how this tool became so popular so quickly, they showed me some pictures. These were pictures from the blind schools they visited in the past one year. I got my answer.

This online tool is certainly one of the best things for the blind. I recommend using this tool by every blind person who uses the internet and wants to read everything that others read.

The change in me

There are certain people in life who touch you deeply. When you meet such a person you realize that there is something valuable that you can get from life and also you realize that you need to give back more to life than what you receive from it. The people I met that day where such people. They changed the way I look at things. They made me realize that I can do a lot more for others and be happier that I am now.

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