Fake vs Original Jewellery

Fake Jewellery is very common in the market in today’s time, people are selling things with fake hallmarks, selling silver in the name of while gold, selling gold with gold polish over a cheap metal, using fake gems instead of the real gems in jewellery and the people who are now aware about all these practices are buying without a clue of what they are getting for their hard earned money. In today’s world a person should be well aware about their surroundings and if you are going to buy something whether it is jewellery or some other thing you should at least know some basic details about them. There are many ways by which we can find out whether our purchased jewellery is real or fake. Costume jewellery is fake jewellery but this type of items are not sold by big jewellery shops. There can be many ways to check out the quality of the material or the percentage of material used in a jewellery but here we are going to discuss some of the basic ways to test the quality, if it is real or fake.


  • If you want to check the hallmarks of silver, platinum or gold, you can easily get the hallmarks from internet and match with the hallmark of your jewellery item. The hallmark written should be clear and easily readable and if it is no, do not invest your money in that product. It’s better not to take a risk while purchasing such costly and precious things.

  • If you want to test the Silver, you can test it with a chalk if you rub the chalk against the silver it will darken in colour and you can assure yourself that you are dealing with the real silver or you can check the label of your product if  ‘STER’ or ‘STERLING’ is written it means the product is very close to 90% silver.

  • If you are going to buy Platinum, you have to be more careful here because many people sell you silver instead of platinum, you need to be aware about some properties of silver and platinum like a real platinum will not leave its colour and will not bend while silver will leave its colour over a period of time and it can also bend. You can test silver and platinum over with their hallmarks and you can even do a burn test on both metals. In this test platinum will not leave its colour and it will never melt.

  • If you want to buy Gold, you need to be more aware of it as it is most common when it comes to fake jewellery. You can find out fake gold by putting it into vinegar for some time and when you take it out real gold will not fade away but the fake one will fade away. This is one of the easiest ways to check out whether the gold is authentic or not.

Here, I have given you some clues on how to detect the real metal and if you are going to buy some real things you can buy it from the big brands like KALYAN JEWELLERS and PCJ or you can visit this site www.charmons.com. They have authentic products with many different offers on their products, you can go online and buy them safely.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. For any queries you can comment it below. Thank you for your interest and time.