Hard Work And Persistence Count The Most

I have been working rather hard on myself so that I can become what I have always been wanting to.  There are days that make you droop like anything and you tend to feel as if you lost all the hopes in life l.  But the reality is you can always become better than what you are now.  There is always room for improvement, no matter how low you stand in life.  You can always become better by making goals and pursuing them one by one. 

Becoming better than oneself every day is eternal and can infuse you with more power than by trying to become someone else.  We are the beings of our thoughts and perceptions. We become our thoughts over a certain period of time.  What matters the address most in life is discipline, Irrelenquishness, Perseverance, and dedication.  If we keep working towards achieving our goals despite all the hindrance, we are sure to beat our fellow Competitors over a period of time.  It does not matter how, better they are,  you can always outwork them and become a better version of yourself by keep thriving every single day.


Our being consistent and tough made the earth a better place for us. Had we ever thought that we can become so advanced in terms of scientific researches and technology? The very small example of our success on the internet can be the random address generator which made spying easy for the detectives and the polices. What if the creator had stopped trying because of the failures they came across. Was it possible for us to be ushered to such websites like random address generator? It’s their persistence and hard work that made them succeed despite all odds.

Life is not a bed of roses.  One needs to wake up every single day to unlock the immense opportunities that lie ahead of them.  Every day brings something new to us, something that has the power to move the ground that lies beneath you. Keep working every single day because you never know what brings what.  You never know which day becomes your day for life and fetch you what you have always been seeking all these years.  

The only place where success comes before work is in the Dictionary.  

You can pick any successful person from now or from the past and ascertain the reason why they became successful despite all the odds they had to face. It was their perseverance and willingness to achieve the goals that made them beat the shit out of everything and grab what they sought in life. They kept working day in and day out to paint their dreams into reality,  knowing that they will have to face problems during the course but the burning desire in them made them what they are today. They are the epitome of hard work and mettle.  

One can always become successful at any age or under any circumstances.  Blaming the present conditions for our being a failure is redundant.

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