Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners you can use

A lot of women straighten their hair on a daily basis, while others do it only once a week or for special occasions. Although curly hair looks amazing, it’s a lot harder to arrange it at home. Straight hair, on the other hand, looks stylish and elegant and you can arrange it in many ways on your own. Those are the main reasons why women choose to straighten their hair. Of course, they need some good quality hair straighteners. There are two important types of hair straighteners: chemicals straighteners (substances that are applied directly on the hair and change the hair structure for a longer period of time) and hair straightening irons (they use heat to straighten the hair for a while, generally until the hair is washed or gets wet).


Things to check before applying Chemical hair straighteners

If you decide you want straight hair, you should go to a hair salon and have the procedure done by a hair care professional. Choose a reliable salon, in order to make sure that the technical procedure of chemically straightening your hair is done correctly. If you’re doing for the first time, the hair care professional will test the chemicals first on a small portion of hair, to prevent allergic reactions. You need to realize that such treatments are aggressive for your hair. Thus, you should limit the chemical straightening of your hair to just once or twice each year. Also, after the chemical straightening of your hair, you should be using shampoos and conditioners with hydrating, emollient properties. Ask your hair care professional about the right hair cleaning products. If you also want to color your hair, make sure you pick a good quality, gentle hair dye.

Things you need to check when shopping for hair straightening irons

If you prefer to straight your hair at home, using hair irons, you need to be very careful not to burn your hair. Buy a very good quality, reliable straightening iron brand, from well-known manufacturers. You should check with your hair care professional and read some customer reviews before deciding on a certain product. Also, you need to know your hair very well, if you intend to use straightening irons on a regular basis. The iron heats your hair and break down hair’s hydrogen bonds, responsible for curls. Thus, your hair becomes straight. Still, there is only a small step between shiny, healthy, elegant straight hair and burned hair. Not all hair types can take the same amount of heat – some get burn very easily. You should test the hair iron on just a small lock of hair and see how it looks, before straightening all your hair. Also, using the iron each and every morning is really not healthy for your hair. Even if you love the way your freshly straightened hair looks, try to limit the use of the iron to once or twice every week. Make sure you never use it on wet hair.

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