The Best Board Games of all times

One of the classic ways of having fun and getting to know each other is by means of bonding through board games. These games are simple, fun and easy to work with, which makes them a very effective medium of simple fun. And here are some board games that have stood the test of time. From childhood to being adults, it is, as they say, some things never get old. These board games are proof of that.


Who hasn’t played this word game? Spelling and vocabulary go hand in hand in winning scrabble. And of course, there is that challenge of making your way towards the triple word score. It’s not a time-oriented game so by all means, you can formulate the best word you can get out of your mind. This game made it to the list because it tickles your mind when you think about which words can give you the best score. Now, that’s learning while having fun.



The Survival of the fittest is what comes to mind when Monopoly is put into the equation. Have you ever been in the business of acquiring and selling? The real world can be quite a challenge to tackle and Monopoly exemplifies that perfectly. Sometimes you go home as the winner, but there are also instances when you re evicted ad you end up with nothing. It’s a matter of strategizing and analyzing the possibilities of each decision. This is why Monopoly is a game for the competitive.

Tic Tac Toe

This is a classic game famous all around the world and played on from centuries ago. It is one of my favorite games from childhood. It helps you to increase your logical thinking, the ability of planning strategies, concentration, and motor skills. Not many people know that we can play tic tac toe online also. There are websites like that provide you a platform to play tic tac toe online.


Now for those who love strategy, this game is your top choice. As the name suggests, Battleship is both a guessing and strategy game. You’ll have to find the best positions in order to shoot down and conquer the other player’s ships. In short, outwitting your opponent is the way to go. This game might target an older set of players, but nevertheless, it has grown into a classic board game that everyone can enjoy.


And who could forget about the infamous chess game? Protect the king! This game is one of the most famous board games. It makes you think and it also boasts of some strategy making along the way. You won’t win in chess if your moves are not calculated. Some may say that this game is quite the boring one, but there are people who would disagree with that notion. Players of chess might not make so much noise as they play, but that doesn’t stop them from actually enjoying what the game has to offer.