Is crystal healing a viable solution to health problems?

The world, as we know it, has advanced very much in terms of medical and holistic healing approach. Medical science has boomed in recent years. Many new discoveries of medicines have made it convenient for people to get treated sooner than they used to be. Alternative medicines have cropped up extensively in the past few years. Amidst all these, there is an ancient method of holistic healing that is still in use in the modern-day world. This healing technique is popularly known today at crystal healing.

Crystal healing is popular in many parts of the world. There are many who wonder if this form of healing and treatment is the replacement of modern medicines and treatments.


In this article, we have covered the various arguments that conclude that crystal healing is a solution to many health problems but still not a replacement of the core medicinal treatments in the streamline.

To understand this better, let’s get back to the basics. Let’s understand how crystal healing became a trend in the first place. Crystal healing had been in the world since people initially started taking an interest in rocks and minerals. With the discovery of new forms of rocks, people started studying this intensely and many even started polishing them to make them look better. The shine in the rocks made people more interested in exploring this.

As time passed, people started exploring the metaphysical features of these rocks, which were then given specific names.

Many different forms of rocks were discovered. Out of the many forms of rocks, quartz was considered to be more useful and beneficial to humans. Natural quartz has certain metaphysical and healing properties in them which make them more demanding in the market. However, people have also started creating more formations of rocks through certain alchemical processes. These crystals formed as a result of a human-made process are known as Aura quartz crystals. These crystals have the properties of natural quartz and also derive the features from the metals used in making these crystals. Out of the many forms of aura quartz crystals, I like the Aqua aura quartz more. Aqua aura quartz has a beautiful surface, which makes it alluring and deeply captivating.

While natural and human-made crystals do have properties for healing the human mind, body and soul, they are not licensed to be used as a replacement for mainstream medicines or treatments. They can only be used as assistance to help people go through major illnesses and get out of it with trust and belief. However, there are certain diseases that can be cured through crystal healing. These are not major diseases and you can use crystals as the main source of treatment for this kind of disease.

However, we always suggest you use these crystals with precaution. Make sure to consult your physician or general doctor before using these crystals as the main form of medication.