What is luck?

When I was a kid, I had this notion about life that it would always give me what I was destined to get. I was leaning on destiny for most of the things I did. As a teenager, I would often argue with my close friends that we would only get what we were destined to get. The source of this thought was the myriad of talks I had overheard between my parents.

I was born into a financially deprived family. The talks that I grew up with made me believe that I was meant to be like my parents when I grow up. This was the most unfortunate thing to have happened to me. I started thinking that being financially deprived was my destiny. It was my luck.


However, all of these changed one day. It has Christmas and I was outside looking for some kind person to offer me some food or clothes. After having waited for about three hours near the church gate, a person showed some kindness and came towards me with a bag of goodies. He sat beside me on the bench I was sitting.

I supposed that he had brought some food or clothes for me. But, he had none. Instead, he took out some books and other things from the bag. I was confused. 

“What on earth made this person think that I would be interested in books on a Christmas evening?” I thought to myself.

Seconds later, he kept those books on the bench and said to me, “I know that you were not expecting this. It’s Christmas and you want toys, sweets and other things. But, trust me when I say this – There is nothing that can change your luck except these books.”

Having said that, he walked away.

It has been 10 years since that day. I have grown into someone I never believed I could be. Thanks to that random young man who gave me those books. They changed my life completely.

I have completed my education and I’m looking for a way to go to Canada. I have supported my education and now I want to support the education of a lot of other kids who are made to believe in luck.

The funny thing about luck is that it is not just kids who believe in it. Even some well-educated adults like to think that they will get lucky someday and everything will change. I know someone who applies for Canada DV lottery every year. Just like me, he wasn’t to go to Canada too. But unlike me, he sorts to try his luck in Canada DV lottery rather than becoming more skilled and gaining more work experience. I wish good for him, but I know that relying on luck and not doing real work won’t help him.

As I’m typing this blog post, someone has just dropped a mail in my mailbox. I don’t believe in luck, but I’m pretty sure it is related to my Canada immigration application. I must have got the approval. Well, this is a surprise that I will disclose in my future blog post. For now, take care and stop trying your luck.