Pros And Cons Of Owning A Motorcycle

So you have thought about buying a new motorcycle this year and you are still wondering if it is worth it? While you might always have wanted to get a new motorcycle and glide down the road feeling the wind in your hair, there are certain things that you ought to know before you make the decision of buying a new bike. Take a look at the pros and cons of buying a new motorbike to find out if it is really worth it.


1. Makes you feel special

Deny it if you want but this is a fact that having a bike adds a cool factor to your personality. You might have noticed how people start noticing someone who moves around with an uber cool bike.

2. Saves expenses

Compared to the expenses you have to endure when you own a car, the cost of owning a motorbike is really less. Motorbikes give you more mileage and the maintenance expenses are low too.

3. Great resale value

Another great thing about bikes is that they retain their resale value even after years of use.

4. Easy to clean

One of the troubles with owning a car is to clean it regularly. While there is not an exception to this when you own a motorbike, you will find that cleaning a bike is much easier than cleaning a car.

5. Easy to park

Motorbikes occupy very less space. Finding space for parking a bike is much easier than finding space for parking a car.

6. Less fuel emissions

One of the best things about owning a bike is that it is eco-friendly and emits lesser fuels as compared to its four-wheeler counterpart.

7. Fun ride

When it comes to having fun, there is no comparison to a bike ride. You won’t have as much fun in a car.

8. Better fuel efficiency

Bikes are known for better fuel efficiency than cars.

9. Affordable

Bikes are much more affordable for general people. They are less expensive and most people can buy them without having to break the bank.

10. Traffic

You won’t have to get stuck in the traffic when you have a bike. You can move ahead from the sea of cars with your bike even as you are in a traffic jam.

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1. Safety concerns

Fatal accidents happen more with motorbikes than with cars. Even if you wear a helmet and take all sorts of precautions when riding a bike, you can’t be completely safe on a two-wheeler.

2. Not suitable for all kinds of weather

While cars keep you protected from rain, heat, dust and storm, bikes do not offer that kind of luxury. Riding a bike in extreme weather is challenging and risky.

3. Endurance

Bikes have lower endurance rates than cars. Bikes do not offer the longevity that cars come with.

4. Less space

Motorbikes do not come with a lot of space. There is hardly space for carrying anything on a motorbike.

5. Requires more gears

When you are riding a bike, you need to wear so many different gears such as a helmet, gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, etc.

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