The Jeans Obsession In India

The Jeans Obsession In India

The trend of wearing jeans in India started in the 90s when Arvind Mills launched the first branded jeans in the country. It has been a long time since then and jeans has now become a part of people’s everyday wear. So, what exactly is the history of jeans and how did it become a trend in the fashion world? Read this post to find out.

History of jeans:

Who invented jeans and when?

Jeans was typically known as a worker’s wear in its initial days during the late 1800s. The turning point that led to the branding of jeans took place when Jacob Davis (who is credited as the inventor of modern jeans) collaborated with businessman Levi Strauss. The result was the creation of the first pair of blue jeans on May 20, 1873.

How did jeans become a trend?

Levi Strauss Co. has been the pioneer in the jeans market for more than a century now. Their products received wide appreciation for clothing the rock-and-roll-generation. Seeing the success of Levi Strauss Co., a lot of companies had started manufacturing and selling jeans.

With the evolving fashion trends, jeans has made its way into the wardrobes of every section of the society. Almost all age-groups in the modern-day world have taken a liking to jeans. It has become a trending wear, especially for the youth.

Jeans in India:

When did jeans become popular in India?

The onset of globalization resulted in more disposable income for Indians. This, in turn, increased living standards of the people. People became more ready to spend on comfort and luxury wear. Because of this reason, a lot of companies had started marketing their jeans brands in India.

At the same time, the growing western influence among the youth had made jeans a popular outfit in the country. People were willing to try out this new form of clothing and very soon it became a fashion statement for the youth.

The western influence has brought about new lifestyle and fashion trends for the youth in India. The present fashion trend in the country revolves around jeans and other western wear. A pair of jeans has now become a wardrobe essential for any Indian youth.

Jeans market in India

There was a time when not so good quality jeans were available for domestic customers. Initially, when the manufacturing of jeans started in India, most of the products were imported to the western nations. However, this has changed in the present time.

After the launch of the first branded Indian jeans by Arvind Mills in 1995, many MNCs saw the potential of the Indian market and started marketing their products in India. The penetration of international brands such as Levis, Lee and Wrangler has redefined the jeans market in India.

What are the top jeans brands in India?

There are a lot of players in the jeans market in India. Some of the top jeans brands in India are:

  • Levi’s
  • Wrangler
  • Lee
  • Spykar
  • Calvin Klein
  • Jack and Jones
  • Pepe Jeans

Other than these, there are Indian jeans brands such as Patanjali jeans which are competing with the International brands in the Indian market.

Conclusion –

Jeans has become a part of the common Indian’s wardrobe. Both men and women like wearing jeans. The growth of Indian brands like Patanjali jeans is an indication that the market for jeans in India is about to grow extensively.